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04-09-09, 15:15
Gertrude Cecilia Jennings born in 1881 Islington have her on census record 1881 aged 2 months in Islington RG11 264 62 15
with Mother Eliza Jennings and her Aunts and Grandmother cannot find her anywhere else but her parents went to Hampshire between 1881 and 1891 probably about 1883 as they had a son in that year born in Hampshire (this is the son whos death I got yesterday)
Funny thing is there is a death for a Gertrude O Jennings born abt 1883 died in Christchurch Hampshire in 1912 do you think this could be her ?
Although on the 1911 census Eliza is alone and it says children born alive 2, still living none ,children died 2 ???
Any ideas please ??
Should have said she isnt with her Parents and Brother in 1891 in Portsea

Oakum Picker
04-09-09, 15:53
Who, when & where did Eliza marry?

04-09-09, 15:58
hi she married a William Jennings in 1879 St Pancras Middlesex, her husband is at work as a Butler hence why he isnt on the 1881 Census with them

04-09-09, 16:02
She's moved a bit, but there is a gERTRUDE oCTAVIA of the right age in the 1911 census:
JENNINGS GERTRUDE OCTAVIA F born 1883 aged 28 East Preston Sussex

04-09-09, 16:05
thats probably the death I have found then ?? so that rules her out thanks very much

04-09-09, 16:25
This is a difficult one as if she was still alive in 1891 but with friends/relatives and got missed off the census then it's more than possible she could have moved anywhere between 1891 and 1901 and could have even married and then died (if she didn't bother with her middle name, that is). If she died before 1891 then the death isn't obvious, but she could have been away from home because of an illness and again, if she wasn't with her mother, then her middle name may have been forgotten. Or, maybe her dieth didn't reach the GRO index.

Somehow I doubt the info on the 1911 census is incorrect.

04-09-09, 16:27
hi Merry I dont have her on 1891 only on 1881 aged 2 months no sign of her after that

04-09-09, 16:29
But maybe she was away from her parents and was missed from the census.

Personally I think she probably died before 1891 but either the reg is missing or not on FreeBMD etc.

04-09-09, 16:45
thanks Merry so do I as her son died at 20 as you can see above.

05-09-09, 14:06
have found a death for a Gertrude Jennings born 1881 died 1886 in Fulham as she isnt on any cenus records after 1881 do you think its a possibilty ???

05-09-09, 15:20
I thought I saw a birth in Fulham as well, but please check.

05-09-09, 15:23
will do Merry thanks