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04-09-09, 11:28
Hi...recently found my wifes gg grandmother Sarah Patterson b 1852 Much Woolton (3 miles from Garston)
could someone please see if they can find her and her family in the 1861 census please...in the 1901 census she states born Gateacre ,her birth place on Lancsbmd says Much Woolton,,Gateacre adjoins Woolton so I am presuming in 1852 Gateacre came under Much Woolton.....thanks....allan:)

04-09-09, 11:49
Hi Allan, have found a Sarah Patterson, born Gateacre aged 8 in Tarbock, Lancs living with Thomas Guy and Elizabeth Guy. She's stated as being the step-daughter. Is this the right one?

04-09-09, 11:57
If that's the right one, then this is probably the marriage of Sarah's mum to her second (?) husband:

Marriages Dec 1856
Cassidy John Liverpool 8b 241
Guy Thomas Liverpool 8b 241 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Hennesy Mary Ann Liverpool 8b 241
Patterson Elizabeth Liverpool 8b 241 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

04-09-09, 12:03
Sarah's dad is Samuel (from 1851 census)

He also has step children (called Lloyd) in his 1851 household, so presumably this is his marriage to Elizabeth:

Marriages Dec 1841
CAHILL Margaret Liverpool 20 277
FERGUSON Mary Liverpool 20 277
GIBBS Mary Liverpool 20 277
IRELAND Richard Liverpool 20 277
JOHNSTON William Liverpool 20 277
LLOYD Elizabeth Liverpool 20 277 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
McSORLEY Bernard Liverpool 20 277
PATTERSON Samuel Liverpool 20 277 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

but LLoyd is probably her previous married name, not her maiden name!

UPDATE in 1841 Elizabeth is Elizabeth Loyd with two children, Margaret and John but no husband. He might have been dec'd or away, or maybe she had these two before marrying? Anyway, Sarah's birth cert will clarify that.

04-09-09, 14:06
Being a southerner , this will make You Laugh Allan.

When my now Ex & I used to visit his now late father on Allerton Road ( opposite the golf course entrance almost, corner of Wheatcroft Road) we used to have occasion to go through Gateacre. being a southerner I made the major gaff of pronouncing it

''Gate ( as in field entrance) - acre ( as in measurement)'',

where as locals say
'Gat ( rhymes with Cat)- Aker'' ( as in Aker Bilk)

Felt a right Nelly!

04-09-09, 14:08
Oooh, in 1851 Elizabeth and Samuel Patterson are living nextdoor to Thomas Guy, who is presumably (I've not checked) the chap Elizabeth is married to by the following census.

This MIGHT be the death of Samuel, Sarah P's father, as it's the right district:

Deaths Sep 1852
Patterson Samuel Prescot 8b 369

04-09-09, 14:08
Oh dear Jess, that was how I was pronouncing it in my head (guess I'm another Nelly):d

04-09-09, 14:11
lol Jess - there's loads of places on my family tree I expect I pronounce completely wrong! Alrewas and Haverhill for starters!

04-09-09, 15:39
our best local one is Cogenhoe

04-09-09, 18:27
Sincere apologies but THE BOSS took over the laptop....Ok ,so John and Sarah had 8 children...the eldest was John LLOYD Molyneux born 1876 ...so it looks like you have hit the nail on the head....so
1841 Elizabeth Lloyd to Samuel Patterson seems right...
and second marriage in 1856 to Thomas Guy ....no other Patterson siblings for Sarah though.........and now to Jess....you are correct GATT ACKER as said by 80% of scousers...but Southenders like myself and the other 20% say ..
GETT ACKER.....and now something to shock you all...
I was born on 24th January 1951 in Number 67 Lineside Road GATEACRE....we moved when I was 3 months old ...SO I`M NOT REALLY A GARSTONIAN.........(but don`t tell anyone)..we class people from Gateacre as posh...got a few bob...big houses / big gardens etc...we were just back alley diddlers.....so now you know.....
thank you all for your help...found THREE generations of my wifes family today...EXCELLENT RESULT Thanks to you all.....cheers and regards....allan:)

04-09-09, 19:01
*changes Allan's username*

Tilly Mint
04-09-09, 19:04
Oooh Allan, do you still want to speke to a "commoner" like me :p;)

04-09-09, 19:41

no other Patterson siblings for Sarah though

Sarah did have full siblings. There's Ann Patterson b abt 1842 and Ellen Patterson b abt 1848 who are both on the 1861 and 1851 census, and Elizabeth Patterson b abt 1844 who is on the 1851 but not the 1861. All born Little Woolton.

04-09-09, 22:44
Thanks Merry...Elizabeth b Mar qtr 1845 dies in Mar qtr 1859 ,so that explains why she`s not on 1861 census ,but didn`t realise she was Sarahs sister......great day today..you`ve been a massive help...cheers...allan:);)