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03-09-09, 16:55
This is my relative's religion from the 1911 census of Ireland, but it looks as though he originally wrote something else and it was rubbed out and written over. Can anyone figure out what it said originally? Might keep us busy for a while!

03-09-09, 17:12
Any chance of it a bit bigger?

It's not writing from the other side of the paper is it? (Answers self - No because the Irish census data is only on one side!)

03-09-09, 17:13
You have already clicked on the thumbnail to enlarge it, haven't you, Merry? I'll see if I can make it bigger than that...

03-09-09, 17:16
Is that better? (go back to post 1 and click on the thumbnail again)

Joan of Archives
03-09-09, 17:30
I know he's said "Protestant I do not belong to any particular Protestant church" lol! :d

03-09-09, 17:39
Can't see it well enough, have you tried holding it up to the window or a light?

03-09-09, 17:40
Thanks Kite.

Does it say 'Can go to ch' (maybe 'can go to church') at the start? All before the word 'not'. Then there's a 'wh' word at the end of that same line.

Joan of Archives
03-09-09, 17:55
Can go to church why do you want to know?

That's probably what I would have answered lol! :d

03-09-09, 18:20
Can't see it well enough, have you tried holding it up to the window or a light?

Could be difficult as it's only on my computer, Trish! Lol!

Thanks for trying, I thought it was something like "why do you want to know" too. Typical of my rellies!

03-09-09, 18:45
It says I do not go to any particular Protestant church
oops you knew that already didnt you ??

03-09-09, 18:55
If you want to enlarge it further than that then this is the link to the census index page and then click on View Census Images - Household Return.