View Full Version : getting a bit depressed now sad deaths

03-09-09, 15:42
I am starting to wish I hadnt got these today very sad not one natural death .

03-09-09, 15:47
I know what you mean, Val, I try to get death certs one at a time! But the ones who died of diseases did die natural deaths, didn't they? Although a lot younger than you would wish.

03-09-09, 15:51
just seems so sad I often cry when I read things like born blind even if it isnt my rellie?? daft eh ???

04-09-09, 21:02
I think child deaths are always sad. As for being upset even if it isn't our rellie, well that's because "no man is an island...each man's death diminishes me because I am part of mankind...therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee".