View Full Version : Got another Death died of Laryngitis ?

03-09-09, 15:33
year was 1887
Poor women how can you die of that ?? unless she got withdrawal symptoms from not talking.

03-09-09, 15:35
Are you sure that's what it says, Val?

03-09-09, 15:38
From: http://science.jrank.org/pages/3829/Laryngitis.html

Although it is relatively rare, one form of acute infectious laryngitis can be fatal. The cause of this deadly laryngitis is a bacterium called Haemophilius influensae. In this infection, the larynx and the tissues surrounding it swell to such a degree that the windpipe becomes blocked. If untreated, the affected person can suffocate. This infection is extremely dangerous because the symptoms progress quickly, especially in children. A child with a cold or flu that leads to laryngitis should be watched carefully for signs of obstructed breathing.

03-09-09, 15:40
13 think so here it is

03-09-09, 15:41
It's a pity there is no indication of how long she had been ill.

03-09-09, 15:42
Yes, that's definitely what it says. Never come across that before!

03-09-09, 15:43
what a terrible way to die poor woman , I suppose there was nothing they could do??

03-09-09, 15:48
Nowadays Val they would do a tracheotomy to allow air to get into her windpipe - perhaps they hadn't discovered how to do that back then.

03-09-09, 15:50
how awful isnt it ?? my family seem to have been quite unlucky considering they weren't living in over crowded conditions like some .

Joan of Archives
03-09-09, 15:50
I guess it's a bit like Epiglottitis, which even today can still be fatal. I would say that it was more likely to be that but in those days they wouldn't have diagnosed it properly :


It was very common in children.

I know someone who had it a few years ago & they were very seriously ill.

03-09-09, 15:54
thats fascinating reading thanks Joan

Joan of Archives
03-09-09, 15:59
You're welcome Val, now I know why I rarely order death certs as they are usually always sad, especially the ones concerning children.

It's amazing how many things can go wrong with the throat, like laryngitis, pharyngitis, epiglottitis, throat cancer or cancer of the oesophagus, tongue cancer, peritonsillar abscess or quinsy, and tonsillitis to name but a few!

03-09-09, 16:01
I have had quincy and its not nice really frightened me .

Oakum Picker
03-09-09, 16:39
Two of my children have been hospitalised with tonsilitis as young adults. Thank god for modern medicine.

Uncle John
03-09-09, 19:49
The diagnosis of laryngitis could easily be an undiagnosed throat cancer (or the doctor being kind on the death certificate).

03-09-09, 19:54
yes suppose so Uncle John hadnt thought of that

04-09-09, 16:55
My gt grandfather William Gray died of "chronic laryngitis" and I assumed it might mean throat cancer. Poor man was only 47. His dad lived into his 80s and his grandfather to 97!