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Mary from Italy
03-09-09, 08:32
Just tidying up some loose ends, and I have a lady missing on two censuses.

Mabel Constance Mallet, born Nottingham 1874, parents John Thomas Mallet and Elizabeth Hill.

1881 census: at home in Basford, Notts. with parents and siblings

By the way, can anyone read her father's occupation in 1881? Lace manufacturer and member of ?? Board (sch.? sick?)

1891 census: governess in Yarmouth

The entire family changed the spelling of their surname from Mallet to Malet around 1899.

1901 census: can't see any sign of her. Her parents, sister Ethel and brother Cuthbert are living in Mitcham, Surrey.
No sign of her other brother, Arnold, who was a bit of a globetrotter (missing between 1881 and 1895, in Australia in 1895-7, England about 1897-1899, Congo about 1899-1907, Singapore after that).
I would guess Mabel's governessing somewhere in England because I haven't found her on any passenger lists.

1911 census: can't see any sign of her. Her parents, sister Ethel and Arnold's wife Margaret are living at Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Arnold is probably in Singapore, and his son Henry Fitzgerald (born in the Congo) is in a household in Exeter (probably a boarding school, although it's not shown as an institution).
Again, I assume Mabel's governessing somewhere in England.

Mabel died in Newport Pagnell, Bucks., in 1915 (I have the death cert); occupation: children's governess. She never married.

Can anyone see her in 1901 or 1911?

If anyone can see Arnold Henry in 1891 that'd be a bonus, but I would guess he may have been abroad somewhere.

03-09-09, 08:40
Member of Sch Board

School Board??

Mary from Italy
03-09-09, 09:14
Yes, I had thought of that, but I'm not absolutely sure if that's what it says.

03-09-09, 09:40
I've had a quick rummage in 1901 but haven't spotted her

Perhaps she was abroad with the family she was working for

Mary from Italy
03-09-09, 09:45
That's another possibility, but I've had a good look at incoming and outgoing passenger lists and not found her so far.

Thanks for looking, though.

Mary from Italy
03-09-09, 20:49
Anybody else fancy having a go?

03-09-09, 20:52
I already did. Do I need to try again????!!! :o

Oakum Picker
03-09-09, 21:01
I searched this morning with every variable of just two of the following Mabel (both spellings), MALLETT (Soundex), 1874+/-2, Nottinghamshire. Nothing.

03-09-09, 21:11
Same here, can't spot her either.

Mary from Italy
03-09-09, 21:28
I already did. Do I need to try again????!!! :o

I'll let you off, then :)

Thanks, everyone - at least that means I'm not missing something obvious.

03-09-09, 21:29
Searched surname M*T & occupation teacher

MALLETT FANNY KATE F 1875 36 Kingston Surrey

but she looks to be living with

CROOK LOUISA F 1861 50 Kingston Surrey
MALLETT G W LEWIS M 1878 33 Kingston Surrey
MALLETT JOYCE IVY F 1905 6 Kingston Surrey
MALLETT WINIFRED SOPHY F 1902 9 Kingston Surrey

Searched surname M*T & occupation governess

MILLET ELISA F 1874 37 Richmond Surrey

Think she lives on her own

Both are 1911 census

Mary from Italy
03-09-09, 21:39
Thanks - I'd already tried a similar search, but I don't think either of those are likely to be her.

03-09-09, 22:15
Forgot to say I had a look for her too but no luck.

Mary from Italy
03-09-09, 23:04
Thanks, Kite. I did wonder if she might be in hospital, because she died fairly young of heart disease, but even searching under initials didn't bring up an obvious candidate.

There is an M C M of about the right age in an institution in Billericay, Essex, but not born in Nottingham.

03-09-09, 23:14
What was her address on the death cert (please don't say a hospital)

perhaps she was in the same place on the 1911

I can't search that, unfortunately

Mary from Italy
04-09-09, 00:00
Tickford House, Tickford Street, Newport Pagnell, Bucks.

I've tried googling, but I can't work out what it would have been in 1915.

Mary from Italy
04-09-09, 00:05
That's a good idea, actually, I hadn't tried that address in 1911.

It's listed as a household, not an institution. I'm just going through the alphabet, and there are 10 names there already.

04-09-09, 00:06
That address shows up on the 1911 address search but I don't have any credits to view it.

It may be worth checking although her name doesn't come up on the name search.

Mary from Italy
04-09-09, 00:11
24 people living at that address, so I should think it's either a hotel or a property divided into flats.

I don't really want to spend credits on it at the moment, because I have loads of people to look up in 1911 - I'm hoping that FMP will come up with a subscription plan before too long.

Mary from Italy
04-09-09, 00:16
Four of the people at that address are listed as "head", so it's presumably divided into flats. There's no-one there of the right name/age/dob to be Mabel.

Gert in Oz
04-09-09, 10:54
There is a Mabel C Mann, place of birth has been crossed out and Leicestershire written above, i cannot read the original place though.

1901 Class: RG13; Piece: 3025; Folio: 22; Page: 35.

04-09-09, 11:04
Unfortunately there is a Mabel Mann born 1874 Wymondham Leicestershire(the place given on the 1901) on the 1881 with her family when our Mabel is listed with her family;(

Gert in Oz
04-09-09, 11:07
Ah, thanks Tricia


04-09-09, 11:34
Isn't it annoying:confused::confused:

Mary from Italy
04-09-09, 13:43
Infuriating :)