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02-09-09, 11:32
Does anybody know whether a Post Office is obliged to give you the address of someone who lives locally because they have a list of all residents of voting age ?...ie....if I ring a post office in a village where I know someone lives(but have lost the address) would they give me the address willingly......:confused: allan :confused:

02-09-09, 11:51
Alan, the post office doesn't hold the electoral register, they only have the actual addresses but not the names of the people who live there. You would need to contact the local council for that area to find out where you can look at the electoral register (although some people tick the "privacy" box nowadays), or you could try the phone book?

Mark Dudley
02-09-09, 11:54
It is worth googling his name and the village. It will pick up planning applications and all sort if they're there.

02-09-09, 12:25
thank you both......allan:)