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Gert in Oz
02-09-09, 09:48
I`m having another look at my great grandfather John Tomlinson`s brick wall.

He was a groom for the Rector of Norbury in 1861, i am hopeing there would be a record of some kind of this.

Anyone know where would i find one please and what it could possibly contain ?


02-09-09, 10:03
Is that Norbury in Staffordshire, Sylvia?

If it is then the Staffordshire Record Office might be able to help. I had a quick search of their online catalogue and they seem to have quite a lot of documents relating to the church in Norbury.

Gert in Oz
02-09-09, 10:23
Thank you Georgette, no its Derbyshire, but i will go and look at Derbyshire RO catalogue and see what they have


Mary from Italy
03-09-09, 08:01
There might be a record of payments to him in the churchwardens' accounts. Not sure if you'll find anything more than that.

Gert in Oz
03-09-09, 09:16
Thank you Mary, i was hopeing there may have been a record of how he came to be a servant there or even parents names, as this is the earliest i have found him aged 19.

It was just a thought and i have had help with him before with no luck.


Mary from Italy
03-09-09, 09:48
I think it's a bit unlikely. However, he may have served an apprenticeship (usually starting at about the age of 13 and lasting 7 years), and the Record Office may have a copy of the apprenticeship deed, which will normally include his father's name.

Isn't the father's name on his marriage cert?

Gert in Oz
04-09-09, 07:39
Would you need a apprenticeship to be a groom ?

1871 he was a Ostler in Derby

1875 he joined the police force until retiring in 1892 from ill health and died 3 years later.

His father on his marriage cert was George Tomlinson, a blacksmith and no one has been able to find him either.

It was just a thought that maybe there would be a record from the Rectory of some kind, that might give me a clue.