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01-09-09, 18:51
This problem is driving me up the wall and over the top......I wonder if anyone can find anything for me please.
There are two names involved, and I am trying to prove that they are both the same person (or not perhaps); I will try to be succinct or it will be too boring to read through!

l. John Sutton - born in Suffolk 1850. He appears on 1861 census aged 11 (RG9 Piece 1219 Folio 78 page 5)and is described as the nephew of Clara and Mark Sewell, but under place of birth it says "unknown", other than Suffolk. This is the last time that he appears as far as I can see, and there is no death record that I can find.
There is a John Sutton of the right age in 1851, in Ipswich, Suffolk, living with parents John and Martha (Ho107 Piece 1799, Folio 19, page 4).

2. John George Sewell - born Norwich 1850, who doesn't seem to appear until 1881,(RG11, piece 1938, folio 75 page 31) when he is married with a one year old child. His marriage cert states his father as being John Sewell, Tailor, and the only one possible was a man who was between marriages at the time of John George's birth, and who killed himself a few years later. I have searched and searched but can find neither a record of his birth, nor any trace of him before 1881. (There is a John George Sewell born some distance from Norwich, but this is not him).
John George's aunt was Clara, named above, and he was very close to her as he and his wife were not only to be found living with her, but also Clara went to live with THEM when she was widowed.

So, we have John Sutton who is around in 1851 and 6l but not thereafter, and John George Sewell who makes his first appearance in 1881. They both share Clara Sewell as an Aunt.

The intricacies of John George's parentage are another matter entirely, and will wait for now!!!

If anyone can find anything at all on either of them, then I will be so thrilled and if I don't reply immediately I am not being rude, just away from the computer

01-09-09, 18:52
Hmm, those names look familiar! Have I tried this one before?

01-09-09, 18:54
Oh dear Kite, yes, I am afraid that you have but as you can see I am no further forward;(

01-09-09, 19:02
Can you remind me, please, do we know Clara's maiden name?

01-09-09, 19:13
Yes, it's Waller.

I have just been pondering on that one myself.......am I right in thinking that for John Sutton to have been Clara's nephew, then his mother must have been a Sewell?

01-09-09, 19:16
No, she could be a Waller, couldn't she?

01-09-09, 19:18
Do you have Clara in 1871 and 1881? I can't spot her at all

UPDATE - finally got her in 71 as Clora

01-09-09, 19:28
Yes Kite, she could - because if the two Johns are different people, then of course Mark would be the connection for John George.

Samesized feet, I have rummaged through but cannot find clara in 81.

01-09-09, 19:36
Curioser and curioser

This is Clara's husband in 1811 RG11 1939 112 7

Pretty sure it's him even though birthplace is given as HIngham as he's living in the same place as in 1871

He has two wives living with him, neither of whom are Clara. One is Eliza Sewell aged 46 and the other is Martha Spencer aged 56

01-09-09, 19:43
Well that's just great!!! Thanks SSFeet, cos now I have something else to ponder. (No wonder he died if he was running three wives) or did he?? Hmm

01-09-09, 19:51
Yes, that definitely appears to be him.......same age, address and occupation but different wife, although he and Clara were still together in 1871.

01-09-09, 20:01
Ancestry have got Eliza's age as 76, but that's wrong......it looks like either 66 or 46 and I think that it's the latter, which makes her nearly 20 years his junior. The other "wife" has a line just above her, so she was either working at the house, or living in and her husband was away at the time

01-09-09, 22:16
I seem to remember seeing that Eliza last time round and coming to the conclusion that she was Clara?

01-09-09, 22:18
By the way, Martha Spencer has a different household schedule number and there is a horizontal line between Eliza and her, so she is the wife of the head of household no. 46 who was away from home.

02-09-09, 18:24
Thank you Kite, I had totally forgotten about Eliza being Clara