View Full Version : 1911 census, help with finding someone please!

Mandy in Wiltshire
01-09-09, 10:03
I'm trying to help a friend find her father on the 1911 census but neither of us have had any luck.

I'm hopeless at thinking 'outside the box' and have gone through all the possibilities I can think of - does anyone have any other suggestions please?!

He is SELWYN BIRD born 11 May 1890, reg Wolstanton.

We've got his birth, got him on the 1901, and got his marriage in 1924 (reg Birmingham South), and also got the rest of his family on the 1911 so we think he was probably lodging somewhere and got mistranscribed.

Thanks :)

Tom Tom
01-09-09, 10:23
Do you have him in 1891 or 1901 Mandy?

Is there a more specific birth place than Wolstanton?

Tom Tom
01-09-09, 10:24
Think I have found them in 1891.

Born in Burslem?

It's not helping though :(

Mandy in Wiltshire
01-09-09, 10:33
Yes, that's the one Tom. She's got her father everywhere except the 1911, but thank you very much for your help :)

Tom Tom
01-09-09, 10:42
I suppose it is possible that he was at home on census night but got missed? I have one like that and we are sure they were at home but for some reason are not on the census.

Or, maybe he was travelling overnight and arrived somewhere in the morning and the people filling in the census sheet didn't realise they were supposed to include him as well?

Sorry, not much help but it gives you a couple of possible ideas.

Mandy in Wiltshire
01-09-09, 10:50
Thanks ever so much Tom, you've been really helpful.

Due to his age and him being single at that time, she suspects that he was probably lodging somewhere and then either got missed or mistranscribed.

Fortunately, it's not vital to her research to have him on the 1911, it would just be nice to have the details :)

01-09-09, 10:58
Could he be the one who is recorded as Silwyn Bird, born c 1891, living in the Kings Norton registration district.

Mandy in Wiltshire
01-09-09, 11:03
MWAH!!! Elaine, you're a star :):)

I'd tried using the wild card for the 'S' and after 'Sel'. I'd also tried variations of 'Bird'. Then I ran out of ideas, so thank you very much. My friend will be thrilled...off to email her now!

01-09-09, 11:17
I just put the S in, Mandy, and then used the option of 'names starting with'

Mandy in Wiltshire
01-09-09, 11:46
I just put the S in, Mandy, and then used the option of 'names starting with'

I didn't know that option existed, thank you! I'm so glad that I posted this query now, you learn something new every day :d Thanks again.