View Full Version : Posting Guidelines - please read before you post

26-08-09, 10:04
1. Please try to include all relevant details in requests for help and try to avoid cryptic titles.

2. Please don't post up anything that infringes anyone's copyright, and this includes threads offering lookups on a subscription website or a CD-ROM etc.

3. Please don't post up details that would identify someone who may still be living without their consent.

4. Please bear in mind that our minimum age for members is 13, so "adult" content is not acceptable.

5. No advertising posts, please.

6. Most 'Research', 'Surnames' and 'Family History Photographs' forums are viewable by non-members of Genealogists' Forum. The exceptions to this are the 'Sensitive Research' and 'Help Offered by Members' forums which can only be seen by members. All Community forums are viewable to members only.