View Full Version : 1911 census can anybody find this girl ? thanks

31-08-09, 16:11
Susan Janover born 14 May 1901 in 5 Avenue Road Lower Clapton Hackney
Mother Lydia Guttentag Father Emanuel Janover have not found a Marriage for the Parents and sure they never married , she is not with her Mother in 1911 and I was told her Aunt Cordelia brought her up but she isnt with them either , althought thats where she was born at their address .
Any ideas at all thanks .

31-08-09, 18:20
Had a quick look without success. Problem is that if Susan isn't with parents, her name may have been misrecorded and/or mistranscribed. Plus all the variations of birthplace too.

31-08-09, 18:21
I had a look too but no luck, sorry.

31-08-09, 18:26
thanks both of you for trying .

31-08-09, 21:51
have you checked this girl out?

JANOVER REBECCA F 1900 11 Bethnal Green

she is with the following household, but she is NOT down as daughter or Niece.
GIRTCH POLLY F 1892 19 Bethnal Green
JANOVER EVE F 1897 14 Bethnal Green
JANOVER HERTEYEL M 1905 6 Bethnal Green
JANOVER HYMAY M 1903 8 Bethnal Green
JANOVER KATE F 1866 45 Bethnal Green
JANOVER LOTTIE F 1892 19 Bethnal Green
JANOVER PETER M 1866 45 Bethnal Green

I can't see her in 1901

31-08-09, 22:09
thats interesting Jenny thanks a lot will look into that I think she was born just after the 1901 census records so wont be on them

31-08-09, 22:13
you're welcome Val, may not be her but still worth a checkout!

otherwise known as jc26red elsewhere

31-08-09, 22:16
certainly looks good maybe his family looked after her instead of her mother ???

31-08-09, 22:26
mmm... Rebecca isn't listed in the UK BMDs, fingers crossed!

Do you know if Peter Janover is a relation?


31-08-09, 22:29
none of that lot used ther real names so nothing would surprise me?
Susans mother turned up at the church heavily pregnant but he didnt turn up.
I know thats true as Susan was my Mothers Mother.

31-08-09, 22:30
I couldn't find the other children in that Janover family in the BMD's either, though.

31-08-09, 22:55
yes, I see what you mean! trying to find them through the BMDs is a nightmare.

I found an Emanuel in Westminster with 3 other children in 1911, is that Susan's father? None of these children appear to be registered

Of the first family I found only Hertzle(HERTEYEL) in the BMDs


Sorry Val, I'm glad they are not my family, I think I would have given up at the first hurdle.

well I'm off to bed now, I have an early start in the morning

31-08-09, 22:59
Thanks Kite I am just having a nightmare trying to find them too .
Jenny this part of the family is nothing compared to my Guttentags , now if you have a year to spare there is a search for you??
night jenny and thanks

03-09-09, 12:19
Yanover seems to be an alternative spelling in the BMDs.

03-09-09, 12:50
ooh does it Merry thanks, and lovely to see you

03-09-09, 12:52
Hi Val! :)