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31-08-09, 12:19
thought this might interest some people ,its my Uncle's Headstone
He joined up under the name Stevens although his surname was Miller
I also have two scrolls of honour for him under both names.

31-08-09, 12:22
That's all you need sometimes..............lol

Another bod to search for and then find it's one guy....lol

Bit like my Uncle Pat and Uncle Mick...........Arthur Frederick and Julius Albert. Not a Patrick or Michael in sight....................lol

31-08-09, 12:31
I really dont understand why he lied I was told it was because his mother would not sign for him ?? as she did not want him to join up ,but I didnt think they had to and he wasnt that young anyway.

Muggins in Sussex
31-08-09, 13:37
How interesting Val

What name is his death registered as?

Joan of Archives
31-08-09, 13:45
This is an interesting one. Family rumour had it that my great Uncle Percy changed his name to Taylor & went to the US during the First World War to avoid getting called up. However since then I have discovered that in fact he used his mother's maiden name and I have a photo of him in army uniform, so I knew that couldn't be right. Turns out he was in fact born before his mother married so he was using her maiden name as that's the one he was born with! A family white lie to cover up his illegitimacy perhaps? :rolleyes:

31-08-09, 15:32
Joan Muggins on his Death Cert he is registered under the name Stevens ??? same as his Army Certficate
One of the letters about his death from his commanding officer is addressed to Mrs C stevens
On the CWGC he is C H Stevens yet there are two scrolls one saying Private C H Miller the other saying Private Charles Stevens
His Memorial Certificate from the CWGC says in Memory of Private C H Stevens son of Charles and Celia Miller lol
Most confusing .
And one of his Brothers called himself Brackenberry ???????????
Dont know whats worse this lot or my Guttentags???

Joan there were so many lies told I am amazed to find anything at all

Muggins in Sussex
31-08-09, 16:22
Blimey Val :confused:....and I think my lot's complicated! :d

31-08-09, 18:27
you see Joan your not alone but together we can make it LOL