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31-08-09, 12:07
I have been trying to find a Ann Elizabeth Wallis born 1856 in Islington
Tried every variation I could think of like including first name starts with A surname starts with W got nothing
Then I remembered she was transcribed as Annie in 1871 so tried just putting Annie in the search and up she came ???
But as it starts with A why didn't it show up sooner ??

31-08-09, 14:36

I don't know about 1911 (still looking for Zusman Hart!) but I do know that Ancestry often does similar, ie I can't find someone, then I find another member of the household and find the person I was looking for listed, just as I'd looked for them!

Olde Crone
31-08-09, 14:43

Spent ages looking for a Jonathan Jepson the other day on Ancestry 1851, couldn't find him and gave up.

I was then looking for someone else who was supposedly his son..and there he was with his father Jonathan.....

I was caught on the 1911 as my ancestor was mistranscribed although the original was correct when I eventually found it.


31-08-09, 14:51
Val, if you search for first name beginning with A, surname Wallis, born 1856+-3 years Islington, she does come up in the results?

31-08-09, 15:36
Hi and thanks I did find her eventually ,I couldnt look for family members as she is living with just her servant, the good thing is now I know where my Mary Ann keen died I think???

31-08-09, 15:47
Val, all I meant was that you said at the beginning of this thread that you searched for her using name begins with A and didn't find her, and had to put in Annie as the name, but actually she does come up as a match if you put in name beginning with A so it may be a bit unfair to say the 1911 census isn't very good on that basis.

31-08-09, 15:56
I didnt try just A Kite
I put starts with A for first name and W surname you would have thought it would have come up wouldnt you?
Thanks Kite

31-08-09, 16:00
It does come up for that search too, Val.

31-08-09, 16:04
how odd ?? off to try it again thanks