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31-08-09, 11:43
Can anyone find a death reg for

George Hedley buried 5/5/1845 Aycliffe, Co Durham, address in the PR was Woodham.


31-08-09, 11:52
The GRO death index for that quarter is one of those typed ones, so it could be that the person who typed it up made a mistake and missed him out.

31-08-09, 12:14
there is one on findmypast
its for a George Hedley
district Sheffield
June quarter 1845
Vol 22 Page 396
would that be him

31-08-09, 12:19
That's the only one I could see Val but it's about 100 miles out, but he did have children in Yorkshire but Leeds area mainly.

Thanks both for checking.

31-08-09, 12:33
you would be surprised at some of the death districts I have miles from where I expected them to be .
I would say its the right one maybe he was at one of his families homes when he died ??

31-08-09, 12:49
Will see if Sheffield can tell me anything, like if he died a few days before 5th May :)

31-08-09, 14:34
My great grandfather John Gray is buried in a Norfolk churchyard but I couldn't find his death registered in the "right" district. Of course you'll appreciate there were lots of John Grays who died in the relevant quarter, several the right age!

I found he had died in North London, at the house of one of his sons. No idea if he had gone there to be looked after when ill, or whether he was living there permanently, but they took him to the little churchyard in Norfolk to inter him with his wife who had died several years earlier.

Must have been some journey by train and vehicle, during WW1.