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29-08-09, 14:29
I cannot remember if I have asked this before on FTF, but anyway, here goes. I am trying to find out who Emma married. She was born 1890 in Wetherby, W. Yorkshire, daughter of William and Laura Wood. I have a photo of her taken about 1911 with her firstborn child, but no idea who or when she married. I do believe she stayed in West Yorkshire (Leeds area).

29-08-09, 14:32
Stella, have you found her parents on the 1911 census to check whether she is with them?

29-08-09, 14:34
No Kite. I don't have access to the 1911 census.

29-08-09, 14:38
Just 'Googled' 1911 census and searched and there is no record of her.

29-08-09, 14:39
Now going to look for her parents.

29-08-09, 14:42
No sign of her parents either.

29-08-09, 15:06
Can you post up William and Laura's years and places of birth, please, and details of their other children, so we can help look for them in 1911? (Assuming they were still alive then!) Oh, and where they were living in 1901.

29-08-09, 15:21
Is this the 1891
RG12; Piece: 3523; Folio 66; Page 6;

and the 1901
RG13; Piece: 4430; Folio: 41; Page: 29.

There is a Laura Cecelia and a William Henry Wood living in the Pontefract district in 1911
In the same household there appears to be
Charles Wood b 1866
Elsie Mary Wood b 1901
Emily Wood b 1897
Madge Wood b 1909
Richard Wood b 1903

- not sure if it's the right family.

29-08-09, 15:24
William Wood was born 1854, Wetherby, W Yorkshire
Laura Cecelia Wood (nee Clarkson), born 1871, Boston Spa, W. Yorks
Emma Wood had a brother, also called William, born 1891, Wetherby

Not sure where they were in 1901 - no longer have Ancestry I'm afraid.

29-08-09, 15:30
Wow, yes Elaine, that is the correct family! How come I couldn't find it? Thank you. Now how can I find out who Emma married please, 'cos not even sure when she married. Just know she had her young firstborn child on a photo I have taken about 1911 - he looks about 2 yrs old.

29-08-09, 15:38
On the 1901 census Emma's place of birth is given as Boston Spa.
If you search the 1911 census for Emma b 1890 +/- two years in Boston Spa, it shows an Emma Briggs living in the Barnsley registration district.

Checking freeBMD there is this marriage which might be yours
Marriages Dec 1909
BRIGGS Wilfred
GRAY Eliza
RAMSKILL William Elwood
Pontefract 9c 189

- Pontefract registration district being where the parents were in 1911

29-08-09, 15:43
Wow, thanks Elaine and also Kite. Yes, Boston Spa is really part of Wetherby. I think this must be her marriage. Will go and look. I really must now renew my subscription to Ancestry and get stuck in! Thank you both of you.:)

29-08-09, 15:56
Had a look and yes, sure it's her. Will now get the certificate. Thank you both so much.:)