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29-08-09, 14:11
Where is this wretched man in 1911?

Here he is in 1901
1901 RG13/240 104 p.43
106 Long Acre, St Martin's in the fields Strand
>>>Zusman Hart abt 1854 Aldgate Head fishmonger own account
Julia Hart abt 1858 Aldgate, Wife
Marie Hart abt 1882 Stoke Newington boot machinist
Lily Hart abt 1883 Stoke Newington, dressmaker (lining)
Alfred Hart abt 1885 Mile End, clerk cc
Harry Hart abt 1886 Mile End,tobaconist's [?] assistant
Joseph Hart abt 1887 Mile End fishmonger's assistant
Dick Hart abt 1889 Mile End,
Dolly Hart abt 1892 Mile End,
Rose Walker abt 1877 Bethnal Green, London, England general Servant (domestic)

1909 Zusman's wife Julia died. Address was 16 Mercer Chambers, Neal Street, London (7 dials area, Strand registration district)

1916 Zusman remarried in Paddington reg district. Many of his family lived in Paddington.

He has been mistranscribed as Zuzman, Zuesman, Zuseman, Gusman, Tusman, Luisman etc.

Birthplace is given as either Whitechapel or Aldgate on all censuses. I've tried all permutations and wildcards I can think of but just can't find him in 1911.

All help, suggestions etc gratefully received.

29-08-09, 14:16
Have you found all his children, Nell?

29-08-09, 14:26
The nearest I can find is Lipman Hart - he is a fishmonger but he has a family that doesn't match the one he should have. Probably a relative of Zusman?

29-08-09, 16:32
Thank you for looking Kiterunner.

Lipman was Zusman's brother. I haven't found any of Zusman's children except the two who had left home before 1901!

So possibly the whole lot are hidden somewhere?

This is my ex's Jewish lot - till I started looking I had no idea Hart was such a common surname!

Thanks again.

29-08-09, 16:45
Another one of those that might turn up when ancestry does the 1911.

29-08-09, 17:06
*fetches emergency smelling salts* :eek:

29-08-09, 19:56
There's a Lipman family at the 1909 address, Solomon Lipman aged 46 appears to be the head.

Might it be worth getting the 1916 marriage cert?

30-08-09, 07:36
Merry - thank you, that's just what I needed. I've missed you!!!!!

Kiterunner - hope so!

Yes, I think I might have to, hope the address will be a clue. I've found the future Mrs. Hart. And to think when I first found Zusman I thought his first name would make him easy to locate!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for your help.

30-08-09, 08:31
Where is this wretched man in 1911?

1916 Zusman remarried in Paddington reg district. Many of his family lived in Paddington.

I was going to help until my first mental question was are you sure he's still alive in 1911? :o

So I'm going to help by not helping. lol