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01-07-12, 14:21
Hi, I am hoping to find employment records for my Great grandfather Edward, He was a railway ganger, would I be able to find these on line, I am lead to believe he worked for the Great Western Railway.



Mary from Italy
01-07-12, 14:43
UK, Railway Employment Records, 1833-1963


01-07-12, 15:24
Thankyou Mary, I think I have found the employment records for my great grandfather,.


01-07-12, 16:41
I thought I had found the right railway employment for my Great Grandfather but it wasn't the right one, in 1901 was a railway labourer living in LLanwynnog, and in 1911 was a foreman platelayer living in Pendryndeudraeth.

01-07-12, 16:50
Are those details what yours was doing, or the person whose records you found?

01-07-12, 17:20
Those are the census details for Zoe's ancestor, Merry.
The one whose records Zoe found was a porter in 1894 and a lampman in 1895 but he is shown as having "absconded" in 1895.

There is also a database at Cheshire Archives' website:

It states on there that: Job grades included are administrative and station-operating staff - superintendents, clerks, agents, station masters, porters, ticket examiners, left-luggage office staff and signalmen.

I think the same applies to ancestry's records as I have not come across labourers or plate-layers on there. So Zoe's ancestor probably would not be included on either site. :(

02-07-12, 10:13
Thankyou for your replies, Kate I have sent you a PM.

02-07-12, 10:32
I think the same applies to ancestry's records as I have not come across labourers or plate-layers on there.

No, me neither and I've looked at an awful lot of records as several of mine worked for GWR.

02-07-12, 10:41
Thankyou Merry, I have also looked up for 2 Bristol st, Northampton where he may have been living, it is now a used cars garage, on an old map of Northampton is shows Bristol st. near chalk lane I think. a bit further over was a union workhouse, could Edward possibly been in this one.

02-07-12, 10:56
Yes, he could have been in that one but it could be that he was in one somewhere else. Hopefully you will be able to look through the workhouse records at Northamptonshire Record Office / Archives and see if there is any mention of him.

Uncle John
02-07-12, 11:53
Northamptonshire Archives do have records of Northampton workhouse. I seem to remember the records start in about 1902, which was a bit late for the family I was looking for.

02-07-12, 12:13
Thankyou Uncle John,

The records I assume I would need to look for would be anywhere between 1873-1891, that's if Edward was in a workhouse in Northampton or indeed any.