View Full Version : Can anyone find any deaths please?

01-07-12, 08:40
Elizabeth Lissiman marries Peter Sweeney 27/11/1852 St. George Church, East Stonehouse, Devon and then marries again in 1856. Can't find a death for Peter Sweeney.

Her sister Maria Lissiman marries George Grainger 20/12/1852 St. George Church, East Stonehouse, Devon and then marries again in Ireland in 1857. Can't find a death for George Grainger.

I think that both of these men could have been in the Royal Marines as East Stonehouse is the Royal Marine base, and they possibly died while on board ship or abroad.

Would anyone know how I can find out what happened to them both?

01-07-12, 09:17
Have you tried looking at the Royal Marines database on TNA Documents Online?

Do you have either of the marriage certs to confirm occupations?

Do you know how come Maria ended up in Ireland for her second marriage?

I had a look at marine/overseas deaths on FMP, but didn't get anywhere.

01-07-12, 09:51
I have looked on Royal Marines database but have not found anything.

Can't afford the certificates yet, the info came from some info someone found for me in a database they had.

I do not know why Maria went to Ireland bit her future husband was also a Royal Marine stationed at Cobh and her mother was from Co. Cork.

01-07-12, 10:06
There are two Peter Sweeney deaths in the right timeframe on FreeBMD - one in Blackburn Jun 1853 and one in Bermondsey Sep 1854. The Blackburn one was 60 (Lancashire BMD) and the Bermondsey one was 74 (burial on ancestry, although they have transcribed the age as 14 but it is 74 on the image); do you have an age for your Peter from the marriage cert?

Edit - was typing this at the same time as you, Wendy, sorry, I see you don't have the marriage cert.