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30-06-12, 12:17
Edgefield in Norfolk is my absolute favourite parish of all time. It crawls with my ancestors. So if you come across someone with a surname you recognise, they might be related.

Louisa Skillings b 1818 has a ggrandfather James Middleton, son of Thomas Middleton & Alice, siblings Christopher, Alice & Ann, all born 1726 -1733 Edgefield. Parents die 1739 & 1740.

Louisa also has a ggrandmother Abigail Middleton. Abigail married in 1737.

Freereg has the baptisms of Abigail dr of Thomas & Alice 1715, Felbrigg, Norfolk and Margaret bp 1723. I've checked the register. It is spendidly kept, and gives the impression of being written up every five years or so. There are no other Middleton entries. The earlier register peeters out in the 1660s, with fragmentary entries thereafter, and ATs don't start till 1725.

It looks as if two of Louisa's great grandparents were siblings, with the family moving from Felbrigg c 1724, but it also looks as if significant un-recording means I can never prove this!

07-07-12, 11:08
On the other hand...

NROCAT was playing up when I typed the above.

I was idly playing this morning, when I found a settlement certificate for a Thomas Middleton of Metton in Edgefield in 1742. Thomas is of an age to be another child of Thomas and Alice, and Felbrigg is also described as Felbrigg with Metton:D:D:D

07-07-12, 11:57
Happy days, Phoenix!