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29-06-12, 15:49
Hi All,

From a previous thread I have had regarding my ancestor Moses Carter, it looked likely that he was convicted on the 8th September 1863 for neglect of family and sentenced to 14 days hard labour.

Would this have featured in any newspapers at the time? I am really wanting to try and prove fully that this is my ancestor.

Many thanks in advance

29-06-12, 15:55
I doubt it, because I guess it was quite a common punishment.

29-06-12, 15:59
I thought that may be the case Jess. I am pretty sure this is my man but I just cannot prove it to add it to my tree.

29-06-12, 16:05
You could try looking on the British Newspaper Archive site just in case, Claire.
British Newspaper Archive (http://www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk/?ukwid=929111&sourceID=118&utm_source=Google+British+Newspaper+Archive_CPC&utm_medium=SEM_CPC&utm_campaign=brand&bsop_brand=BNA&ns_mchannel=SEM_CPC&ns_source=Google+UK&ns_linkname=british+newspaper+archive&utm_term=british+newspaper+archive&ns_fee=0.11)

29-06-12, 16:23
Well I did find someone recorded in the Northampton Mercury Petty Sessions notices who did exactly the same thing.

So its possible.

Whereabouts were the family living? Local newspaper might have something.

29-06-12, 16:27
Many thanks Kite for the link, I will take a look.

Maggie, Moses' wife Ann and 2 children were living in Dunstable, Beds on the 1861 census.

29-06-12, 17:05
I did a search on the link Kiterunner gave which is the British Newspapers Archive


I got a return on my search for Moses Carter although it doesn't have to be your Moses and its 1859. I don't have any credits to look at it though.

Poor Law Unions’ Gazette
Page 3 Article
Poor Law Unions’ Gazette
Sat 10 Sep 1859
London, England
326 Words

“Beds. MOSES CARTER, labourer, aged about about feet 6 high, fair complexion, brown hair, very bushy whiskers, walks quickly, and talks very deliberately, has a mark ... ?

Edit: Actually a few articles came up between:-

Sat 18 Jun 1859 and Sat 10 Sep 1859 including July and August - same text as a lead in not sure what it could be though.

29-06-12, 18:13
Thank you Maggie.

I will take a sub out for the website and take a look around and fingers crossed, something will come up :)

29-06-12, 18:53
Poor Law Union Gazette advertises missing men who have abandoned their dependents, so that should be your Moses!

NB They were offering a couple of free credits so you might get the entry for free.

29-06-12, 18:55
oooh that'll be it then they were advertising between June and September 1859 so he must have abandoned them in 1859 and they caught up with him in 1863!!

I'll do "oooooh" again you have a description of him :)

29-06-12, 20:01
I've just signed up so will take a look at those articles. His wife was on the 61 census alone listed as still married so that looks likely that he disapeared in 1859.

I spent my free credits on an article that listed my Polish ancestor in 1854 which I was excited to see :) :)

29-06-12, 20:44
Its definately him :)

Read the article and said he left his family in Dunstable in November 1858 but was last seen in January 1859 when he was at work in Buckland.

It gives a description of him which included a mark on his arm which resembled a rat!

19-07-12, 21:50
dear bluesavannah.really interesting reading the info on the carters.my dad was george william warren carter,his father was william henry,his father albert john ,his father george, and his was moses.looks like we are researching the same line.would be interested in anything you would share and visaversa.regards gemini girl

20-07-12, 15:21
Hi Gemini Girl,

Firstly please can I apologise that I never saw your message on one of my threads back in January. I've only just noticed it now.

I am more than happy to share any info I have regarding my Carter line. I've accepted your friend request so if you want to talk privately, please message me and I will let you know my email address :)