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24-06-12, 07:12
I have an Elizabeth Mason of Spitalfields who marries John Smelton in 1728 Stepney, London. They have three sons (2 Johns and an Edward) and four daughters (3 Elizabeths and a Martha).

Her father-in-law died in 1726 and one of the witnesses to the will is Edward Mason.

It seemed likely to me that Elizabeth Mason bapt 1700 St Dunstan Stepney daughter of Edward and Dorothy, weaver of Spitalfields, was my Elizabeth.

I've just downloaded the will of Edward Mason weaver of Spitalfields and he divides things up between his wife Dorothy and several children, not all of whom I can find marriages and/or baptisms for, although I have eight children baptised at Stepney. There's no mention of Elizabeth - does that just mean I have the wrong candidate? I can't find a burial for Edward's daughter Elizabeth.

24-06-12, 07:49
I have a lot like this in my tree!

What date did Edward Mason write his will?

24-06-12, 07:50
Doh! I don't need to ask you that as clearly it was after 1726!! lol

24-06-12, 07:52
6th Feb 1730. Everything points to Elizabeth being his daughter - to me anyway :-) And I was so excited when I found the will.

24-06-12, 07:54
Oh! Have just realised - One of the daughters is Ann, wife of William Greenwood, weaver and in 1719 John Smelton is apprenticed to William Greenwood weaver

24-06-12, 08:02
Oooh, that sounds good!

I think you need to keep working on it and you will probably find some more 'coincidences'.

24-06-12, 08:05
Thanks Merry :-)

Olde Crone
24-06-12, 08:16
A carefully-made will should also mention those who aren't getting anything who might reasonably have expected to get something

"One pound sterling to all my children except Elizabeth who has already had her share"

"But nothing to my daughter Elizabeth who owes me £20".

So I would be concerned that there is no mention of her at all.


24-06-12, 08:24
Thanks OC - I've seen that once before. I have one will in my family where the father doesn't mention a daughter but the mother does in her later will. Unfortunately there isn't a will for Dorothy.

I'm working my way around wills and Citizen papers because there's clearly a connection but I am concerned that Elizabeth's not mentioned here.

Olde Crone
24-06-12, 08:40
It's so annoying though, isn't it - instead of 100% it's 99%!

I have a similar situation whee one son is not mentioned although he is clearly alive and kicking at the time.

Eventually and by other means, I realised that he had been left a large sum of money by his godfather and so his father must have thought he'd been well enough provided for already. I just wishe he'd said so in the Will!


25-06-12, 17:29
Got it! After reading countless wills on Ancestry and paying for a few on NA plus buying some credits on the Genealogist, Thomas Mason, son of Edward and Dorothy mentions three of his sisters in his will including Elizabeth Harris and I've just found a Fleet marriage for Elizabeth Smelton widow of Stepney to a Mr Harris :-). I'm very chuffed but no wiser as to why her father missed her out...

25-06-12, 21:13
Well, I wouldn't worry about it - there might be 101 reasons. The main thing is you have a result!!

26-06-12, 06:07
Yes:-) Thanks, Merry

19-04-14, 04:42
Hello Asa

Once again I must ask for your help. Since writing to you last I have tried very hard to find the Will for John Smelton's father but without success.

As Edward Mason was a witness to the Will I should like to be able to obtain a copy but have been unable to find where this may be held.

Would appreciate your help - many thanks..... Mamice

19-04-14, 06:39
Morning - it's on Ancestry - http://interactive.ancestry.co.uk/1704/31787_a003091-00348/261592?backurl=http%3a%2f%2fsearch.ancestry.co.uk% 2fcgi-bin%2fsse.dll%3fdb%3dLondWills%26h%3d261592%26ti%3 d5538%26indiv%3dtry%26gss%3dpt%26ssrc%3dpt_t267749 02_p12637201044_kpidz0q3d12637201044z0q26pgz0q3d32 768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid&ssrc=pt_t26774902_p12637201044_kpidz0q3d1263720104 4z0q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgplz0q3dpid&backlabel=ReturnRecord

19-04-14, 23:45
Many thanks Asa. How I missed that I do not know. Much appreciated.