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Punchs Mum
21-06-12, 13:26
Can anybody find the above person in either the 1901 or the 1911 Census for me please. He was a brother of my Grandmother and apart from his birth record on Free BMD I can find no other trace of him!! No marrage, death or anything. Seems like he vanished off the face of the earth!

My Grandmother consequently went on to have a son which she obviously named after this brother.

Anyone up for this challenge? Help much appreciated.


Sorry.....I do have him in the 1901 Census but not the 1911 one.

Langley Vale Sue
21-06-12, 14:17
I can't find Edgar in 1911. I looked for his brother William (b 1890) and I can't find him either. Their mother Louisa and sister May are still at 22 Chapel Street, Gosport.

Is it possible William & Edgar were in the Marines? I only ask because my husband's G grandfather is missing from some censuses when his family were in Gosport and he was in the Marines.

21-06-12, 14:30
I see Louisa says 10 born, 8 living, and 2 dec'd for her children in 1911. I presume Wm and Edgar would still be part of the 8?

Have you found a death for Wm at all?

Punchs Mum
21-06-12, 15:27
Their father Henry b. Ireland was in the Army and the family moved around a bit but did finally settle in Gosport which is where I am now.

I have a death cert. for William who died in Gosport in 1942.

Yes, Merry Wm. and Edgar were part of the 8 living.


21-06-12, 16:45
Name Courtney, Edgar
Official Number: L872
Place of Birth: Gosport, Hampshire

Date 10 February 1891
Catalogue reference ADM 188/989

Is that him?

21-06-12, 16:46
Cos if it is, he's in the navy, details available from Documents Online for £3.50, which will tell you which ship he was on in 1911.

Punchs Mum
21-06-12, 16:54
Phoenix.......that sounds like it could be him!! If so though, he has knock a year off of his age. Not uncommon I beleive!

Will have a look at that later this evening when I have more time! Need to concentrate on what I am doing. Have only used the site a few times.

Sounds like you could have found him. Many thanks for that. Will let you know


21-06-12, 17:04
It looks as if he may have died on the Vedra, an oil tanker which foundered 8 Dec 1914:

Date of death:8 December 1914
Place of death:Off Barrow-in-Furness
Place of birth:Gosport
Belonging to service:
Ship's name:Vedra
Series:BT334 - Registers and Indexes of Births, Marriages and Deaths of Passengers and Seamen at Sea

21-06-12, 17:06
Lesley, I don't think I've ever found a correct dob on those records. Either the men didn't know, or lied to get in if under age.

BT334 is on Find My Past. pm me if you want more details.

Punchs Mum
21-06-12, 17:40
Curiosity got the better of me and I have downloaded his seamans service record. Must have been the shortest service ever as he was in for only 6 months by the look of it. Nothing really on there to confirm he is mine but looking at the description of his build and hair/eye colourings and height(short!) I think he is.

No mention of his next of kin or anything else to help confim though.

Have to go and get dinner.......running late now because of Edgar!!

Phoenix, will PM you later as I don't have Find My Past only Ancestry.

Thanks Lesley

Punchs Mum
21-06-12, 18:56
Phoenix. Have PM you.

The only doubts I have is that the age of 26 is about 4 years out. My Edgar Courtney would have been only 22 years old. Like you say though, possibly a mistake.