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20-06-12, 18:44
I'm trying to find a baptism for Elizabeth Man (born circa 1786 Middlesex 1841) who married John Coker in 1807 St George in the East. The witnesses were John Man (x) and Martha Man (x).

Elizabeth had five children that I know of - Elizabeth, Ann, John, Martha and Thomas who mostly married into East London weaver families.

When Ann marries in 1830, one of the witnesses is a Robert Mann. When Robert marries the following year, Martha's husband is one of the witnesses.

There's a Sarah Elizabeth Man baptised in 1788 in St Mary Whitechapel, daughter of John and Martha, a weaver. I think it's quite likely this is the Elizabeth Man I'm after and that her parents John and Martha witnessed her marriage and her brother Robert Mann baptised 1796 at Stepney is the witness at his niece's marriage.

What do you think?

20-06-12, 19:10
Looks pretty likely.

20-06-12, 19:17
Thanks, Kate - it looks and 'feels' quite likely :-)

20-06-12, 21:20
Looks very promising to me!

20-06-12, 21:43
Thanks, Merry:-)