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20-06-12, 16:27
This household on the 1861 census:
36 Broadwall, Christchurch, Southwark, Surrey
William Taylor Head Mar 35(?) Blacksmith Surrey Southwark
Elizabeth Cheasman Housekeeper Do 38 Artificial Florist Do Do
Wm Cheasman Son of Do 14 Errand Boy Lambeth

ancestry link (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?indiv=1&db=uki1861%2c&rank=0&gsfn=Eli*&gsln=Ch*s*m*n&sx=&gs1co=1%2cAll+Countries&gs1pl=1%2c+&year=&yearend=&sbo=0&sbor=&ufr=0&wp=4%3b_80000002%3b_80000003&srchb=r&prox=1&ti=5538&ti.si=0&gss=angs-d&o_iid=21417&o_lid=21417&o_sch=Web+Property&offerid=0%3a21318%3a0&pcat=35&fh=2&h=6018965&recoff=)

What do you think it says for William Taylor's age on the image? It's hard to be sure with the line through it. At first I thought it was 30 but now I think it could be 38?
And does it seem fishy to anyone else that Elizabeth is William's "housekeeper" but also has a job of her own?

But my main question is, can anyone find these people on any other census, please? I have a possible for William Cheasman on later censuses but not found him in 1851, and not managed to trace William Taylor or Elizabeth back or forwards. I did find a William Taylor who is a blacksmith in Southwark in 1881 but he is only 46, unmarried and born Lambeth so maybe not the same person. Also not found a likely birth or baptism for William Cheasman.

20-06-12, 16:51
I would have said William Taylor was 30 rather than 38, but don't hold me to it.

I don't have a problem with Elizabeth being housekeeper and having a job. I image that wire & bits & bobs were collected and she made up the flowers at home, then took them back and collected more materials.

If Elizabeth genuinely is married, she and Wm Cheeseman might have a different surname in 1851.

20-06-12, 18:25
I think William Taylor is 38.

I haven't looked anywhere else yet, but there's no birth reg for Wm C.

20-06-12, 18:59
Thanks. I bet he's the William Cheeseman I'm looking for as this tree is just brickwall after brickwall.

20-06-12, 19:32
There's this William Taylor in 1851:

HO107 piece 1559 folio 321 page 26

Just looking to see if I can find him in 1861.

20-06-12, 22:03
Phoenix, that family you found are still in Horsleydown in 1861, at 12 Fair Street.
Piece 318 folio 71 page 79.

20-06-12, 22:16
There is this in 1881:
RG11 piece 528 folio 73 page 2
TAILOR, William Head Married M 58 1823 Blacksmith
Southwark, Surrey
TAILOR, Eliza Wife Married F 56 1825
Lambeth, Surrey

20-06-12, 22:19
And that William Taylor is in the workhouse in 1891:

RG12 piece 347 folio 139 page 6

20-06-12, 22:35
Ooh, that's interesting! Thanks, Phoenix.