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13-06-12, 12:47
This was playing up like mad yesterday.

There is an Adolph Berlinski, sailing from Southampton in 1922. When I tried to click on the ship's manifest, I got the wrong page. Can anybody see what it says? Particularly home address & occupation, if given.

13-06-12, 14:02
I got the wrong page as well.

13-06-12, 14:26
If it's the same document that is on ancestry, it doesn't show home address or occupation.

13-06-12, 14:28
Oh, sorry, I just realised it is List or Manifest of Aliens Employed on the Vessel as Members of Crew (sounds very Star Trek, doesn't it?) And his position in Ship's Company is Asst. Waiter, if that's any help. I didn't notice it before because it was dittoed from near the top of the page.

13-06-12, 14:39
Thank you, Kite & Wendy!

You would not think there were many of that name, but there appear to be at least two floating around.