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Oakum Picker
11-06-12, 12:57
I'm meeting up with Julie & Elizabeth tomorrow at the RO so if anyone needs a look up add them to my thread on 'Help Offered'.

13-06-12, 21:37
Too late :(

Im really interested in paying a visit to the Buck CRO over the summer, I really need to ask some questions and make some in theory family trees and look into the Methodist records they hold. Would anyone be interested in meeting up so i could have some company and meet up for lunch?

Oakum Picker
15-06-12, 13:11
I've been away for a couple of days, needed the time to recover from meeting Julie - only kidding. I'd be happy to meet you - when were you thinking?

15-06-12, 19:49

Oakum Picker
15-06-12, 23:01

16-06-12, 08:04
Absolutely lol

Joan of Archives
16-06-12, 12:55
Peppie I'd love to meet up there too, I've been a few times already but there is always something I need to find lol :rolleyes:

If you can make it later in the summer, ie August onwards sometime I can do it :)

17-06-12, 17:35

Oakum Picker
17-06-12, 21:33
Start planning your next trip Julie; the way the years fly by it will be here in no time & don't forget you have a place to stay next time (assuming all fledglings have left the nest by then) so we can go in to the RO as many days as you want.

17-06-12, 23:01
You are a game girl .. you may have another one who doesn't want to leave !!!