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11-06-12, 09:06
Hopefully someone can help me, I thought Selina had died in 1889 but thanks to ElizabethHerts finding Selina's burial records, Selina died in 1881, so then in got me thinking that this part of my tree is wrong, I know that Selina maiden name of Jones married Joseph Brotherton,

Their Children's names were Evelyn Augusta, Walter Brotherton, also list on my Tree as well my Cousin's tree is a Katherine M Brotherton b. 1882, but this can't be Selina's daughter as she died the year before.

All the children's names are mentioned on the 1891 Wales census Pice 4603, folio 96, pg 01.


11-06-12, 09:07
So what are you trying to find out exactly, please, Zoe?

11-06-12, 09:12
Who the parents of Katherine really are, was she Joseph's but obviously not Selina's, or if she wasn't Joseph' how is related to Evelyn & Walter.

11-06-12, 09:15
This is the 1891 census entry:
Factory Cottages, Llanasa, Flintshire
Mary Jones Head Wid 69 Charwoman Flint Northop(?)
James Jones Son M 41 Farm Laborer Flint Llanasa
Evelyn A Jones Grand Daur S 13 Scholar Lancashire Rochdale
Walter B Brotherton Gr Son 11 Scholar Flint Mostyn
Katherine M Brotherton Gr Daur 9 Scholar Flint Rhyl.

Catherine Mary Brotherton's birth was registered Apr-Jun 1881 St Asaph district, the quarter before Selina's death, so she is very likely to be Selina's daughter.

11-06-12, 09:16
Could this be Katherine's birth registration?

Catherine Mary Brotherton
Apr-May-Jun 1881
St Asaph
Denbighshire, Flintshire

When in 1881 did Selina die? She could have died in childbirth.

11-06-12, 09:18
Evelyn's surname on that 1891 census is obviously a mistake as her parents got married before she was born, and her birth is registered as Brotherton.

11-06-12, 09:19
Date on burial records 3rd August 1881

11-06-12, 09:25
So why do you think they lived with their Grandmother, and not their father Joseph, from what I am told Joseph went back to leamington Spa warwickshire after Selina' death but not sure exactly when.

11-06-12, 09:26
This is the 1881 census entry for the family with another daughter:
11 Morfabach, Rhudllan, Flintshire
Joseph Brotherton Head Mar 30 Domestic Servant / Waiter Warwickshire Warwick
Selina Brotherton Wife Mar 29 Flintshire Holywell
Margaret J Brotherton Daur 6 Rochdale
Evelyn A Brotherton Daur 4 Rochdale
Walter B Brotherton Infant 1 Flintshire Holywell.

11-06-12, 09:30
So why do you think they lived with their Grandmother, and not their father Joseph, from what I am told Joseph went back to leamington Spa warwickshire after Selina' death but not sure exactly when.

Hmmm, I was going to say he probably couldn't look after them as well as earning a living, but he seems to have remarried by 1891 so it could just be they were already settled with their grandparents by then, or he and his new wife couldn't cope with all the other children or didn't have room for them?

1891 census 3 Chandos Cottages, Leamington, Warwickshire
Joseph Brotherton Head M 40 Waiter Warwick Warwickshire
Alice Brotherton Wife M 39 Warwick Warwickshire
John E Brotherton Son 5 Scholar Rochdale Yorkshire.

11-06-12, 09:35
Or of course it could be they were just visiting their grandmother in 1891, not actually living there.

11-06-12, 09:39
There is a likely entry for Margaret in Leamington on the 1891 census with a family called Fox but she is listed as Martha:

50 Clarendon Street, Leamington, Warwickshire
Martha Jane Brotherton Servant S 16 General Servant, Domestic Lancashire Rochdale.

11-06-12, 09:46
I have a Martha Jane Brotherton in my tree, daughter of John & Sarah

11-06-12, 09:58
Her name is Margaret on her birth registration and (likely) marriage registration - the marriage is to a George Raisin in Warwick district in 1895. Also a likely death - Margaret J Raisin Jul-Sep 1946 Wolverhampton, age 71.

(Sorry, I mean the one who is Joseph and Selina's daughter, not the one who is John and Sarah's daughter.)

11-06-12, 10:17
thankyou kiterunner, I have Margaret married to a George Rawlings Raisin, from viewing my cousins tree George is buried in the Unicorn Cemetary?