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09-06-12, 08:24
I am looking for where my Great Great grandmother Selina Brotherton (nee Jones) is actually buried, there has always been a difference of opinion as to where she is buried, My grandfather Bertram Harrison Jones always stated that she was buried in LLanasa in the grounds of the church around the back. His youngest brother Percival Brotherton Jones always disputed this by saying she was buried in the churchyard across the road from the church.

I know Selina's daughter Evelyn is buried in the churchyard along with her husband Edward Owen Jones, as I have been to their graves many times when I was little.

On the head stone it has the names of Evelyn, Edward & Selina, which Percy had put on. Which I am told my grandfather wasn't to happy about. (is there any way to find out where she is actually buried)

Selina's husband Joseph went back to Warwickshire where he was born after Selina died, and remarried.

09-06-12, 09:31
I think you would have to look at the burial register and see if there is anything to say which grave she was buried in. Headstones sometimes include the name(s) of people who aren't actually buried in that grave, as you are no doubt already aware. The burial register should be at the county record office.

09-06-12, 09:35
So would it be the Flintshire record office I would need to go to.?

09-06-12, 09:41
Yes, here is the information about it:


It says they have the Llanasa burial register up to 1890 on microfilm. When did Selina die?

09-06-12, 09:44
Selina Died in 1889,

09-06-12, 09:48
So yes, her burial should be listed in the register held at Flintshire Record Office.

09-06-12, 09:58
Thankyou Kiterunner, will get my Dad to go to the Flintshire Record Office.

09-06-12, 10:28
I'm assuming you've already asked at the church itself.

09-06-12, 10:33
Just realised some Flintshire PR images are on findmypast, but I'm on the bus at the moment so I can't easily check which ones.

09-06-12, 12:07
Last name:Brotherton
First Name:Selina
Place / Parish:Llanasa
Burial Year:1881
Burial Month:Aug
Burial Day:03
Record source:Flint burials - Transcripts
Data provider:Welsh Archive Services / Gwasanaethau Archifau Cymru

I'm sending you a PM, Zoe.

09-06-12, 12:21
The above says she died in 1881, not 1889 and here is the reference:

Civil registration event: Death
Registration district: [?] Holywell
County: Flintshire
Year of registration: 1881
Quarter of registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
Age at death:30
Volume no: 11B
Page no: 150

09-06-12, 13:10
I have sent you a PM Elizabeth, Thankyou,

Kiterunner I missed one of your replies, I have tried asking the Vicar of LLanasa said he would look for me, but never contacted me back, If only I had started researching my family a few years early, I may of got somewhere as I knew the old vicar really well,


09-06-12, 13:44
It's just that if the parish register doesn't state the location of the grave and if the record office doesn't have any other register showing who is buried where in that churchyard, it could be that the church has a plan of the graveyard showing the layout.

09-06-12, 14:16
I will contact him again to see if the church holds a plan of the graveyard showing the layout.