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05-06-12, 20:04
Are not exactly a nuclear family. The only time I find them all together is 1841, in Anderson Dorset:

John 40 Ag lab
Susan 30
Thomas 10

In 1851, in Winterborne Kingston, Dorset:
Susan 45 Mar Labourer's wife Langton
Thomas 20 Un Ag Lab Kingston

1851 in Tolpuddle, Dorset
John 55 Mar Ag Lab Kingston

1861 in Nursling, Hampshire
John 66 WIDR Ag Lab Kingston

1871 Poole union workhouse
J 83 Widr Shepherd Winterborne

Meanwhile, Tom marries Ann Cuzens in 1852. she is a porter's wife, lodging with her parents and her small family in Morden in 1861. Tom isn't there.

John Hawkins married Susanna Stenning of Langton Herring 11 Dec 1828 in Winterborne Kingston

Tom is baptised 29 Dec 1831 in Winterborne Kingston.

I think Tom/Thomas is not far from his wife in 1861, but I cannot see him. can anyone else?

There is a death of Susanna Hawkins of the right sort of age in 1869. If that is right woman, she too should be on the 1861 census. Can anyone see her?

05-06-12, 20:35
There's a public tree on Ancestry with a couple of photos but short on detail. It seem Thomas emigrated to Wareham, Plymouth, Massachusetts.

I haven't found either of them yet in 1861. :(

05-06-12, 20:40
Um, do they actually have emigration details? I've found Thomas (properly Tom) in WAREHAM RD up to 1901 and dying in 1907 aged 76. Birthplace right & occupation (on the railways)

05-06-12, 20:43
The bit I looked at was pretty poor, but there was a photo of a daughter, I think.

I'm always very wary of unsourced trees. If you have him up to 1907 they might have picked the wrong parents for the daughter!

05-06-12, 20:45
I see what they have done!

They typed Wareham and it came up with Wareham, Plymouth, Mass. instead of Wareham, Dorset!

05-06-12, 20:56
rats, Ancestry want me to subscribe. Possibly not, if it's drivel that they surely could have checked within their sub.

Prhaps I try & find out what happened to the girls.

05-06-12, 20:56
I see what they have done!

They typed Wareham and it came up with Wareham, Plymouth, Mass. instead of Wareham, Dorset!

I did wonder:D

05-06-12, 22:03

Barbara Blanche dies in 1875 aged 10
John George marries Lucy Maria Trowbridge in Tisbury RD & in 1891 he has landed himself on his parents.

There's someone on GR has John George back to his grandfather, but nobody interested in Susanna.

I wish I knew whether John & Susanna had a proper marriage & it just happened that he was away lambing at census time, lodging closer to the flock, or if they drifted apart and nobody really knew what happened to him.

05-06-12, 22:26
1861 census Perinate(??!) House, Lytchett Minster, Dorset:
Tom Hawkins Head Mar 30 Railway Porter Dorset Kingston.

Piece 1342, folio 21, page 13.

05-06-12, 22:33
I don't know whether you've looked at the 1869 burial - Susanna Hawkins buried 23 Jun 1869 Wareham, abode Union, age 65.

05-06-12, 22:40
1861 census Stoney Ford, Winterbourne Kingston, Dorset:
Susan Hawkins Householder Mar 60 Langton something

Sorry, can't work out what it says after Langton. Maybe if you look at the image you can figure it out!
Piece 1332, folio 85, page 15.

06-06-12, 07:48
Thank you, Kite! That all makes sense AND explains why I never found her burial in the WK registers. I'd spotted the burial online, but I'd started interrogating Ancestry with Affpuddle & Bere Regis & gave up before Wareham!