View Full Version : Second Opinion with FMP needed please

05-06-12, 02:35
I'm looking for the marriage of Martha Binns and James Derwent. I've found something on FMP that has a marriage for Martha Binns and James Darron.

Could someone look at the original register and not the BT's and tell me if James Darron actually signs his name Darwent?

The parish is Mottram-in-Longdendale Cheshire.

Thanks in advance.

05-06-12, 06:40
It looks like Darwent to me, Toni.

05-06-12, 07:25
I agree:-)

05-06-12, 07:25
Woohoo, thanks Elizabeth.

Every person who has traced this line has said that James Derwent married Martha Binns but I haven't been able to find proof. The name Binns has been passed down for years so it was probably true but it is nice to see it for myself.

FMP also have the marriages and baptisms of Martha's parents so that was easy to go back a bit further!

05-06-12, 07:25
oops sorry Asa. I didn't see you there. Thanks.