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Anstey Nomad
04-06-12, 16:40
I am now having another go at unscrambling the Bodycotes, without a great deal of success, which is par for the course with this line.

In 1851 at 67 Denham Street in the parish of St Margaret Leicester, we have a large household that I can’t quite figure out.


Joseph Bodycote aged 54, stocking knitter, born Leicester St Leonard, is the head of the household. He's a known quantity. He is my four times great grandfather, ex army, deserted his wife and had another family with another woman.

Amelia Chapman aged 24, also a stocking knitter, born Mansfield Notts, is his illegitimate daughter, and William Chapman aged 26, stocking knitter, born Leicester St Margaret is his son in law. They were married in Leicester in the June Quarter of 1847. Amelia died in 1901 without issue.

At the moment I know nothing about Joseph’s antecedents. His marriage entry is silent as to his parents and I cannot find an appropriate entry in the IGI for his birth. There is one for 1799, but that seems a bit late as he was allegedly 19 when he joined the army in 1813. I also do not yet know who Amelia’s mother is – all I know is that she was not Joseph’s wife and her name may have been Elizabeth. I also do not know when or where Joseph died.

The other members of the household are Charlotte Noon aged 40, also born Leicester St Margarets and described as a niece, Joseph Noon aged 21, born Newtown Linford, described as a nephew, and three visitors, John Sibson aged 46 and Richard Sibson aged 22, both born Leicester St Margarets, and Lucy Sibson aged 16, born Mansfield Notts.

It is possible that Charlotte Noon was born in 1810, the daughter of John Noon and Maria Sibson, married at St Margarets in August 1806, which suggests that some of the members of this household may in some way be related…but how? And are they related to Joseph Bodycote, or to his daughter, through her mother?

On this special Bank Holiday, could those who are now trawling through manorial records please spare a thought for those of us who struggle to get past 1800. Thank you.


Jackie H
04-06-12, 17:34
Have you seen this household in 1841


St Margarets, Leicester

Joseph Bodycote 35
Joseph Bodycote 10
Mary Bodycote 20
Emily Bodycote 12
Ann (?) Bodycote 1 month
Ann Simson 40
Charlott Noon 25

I'm not sure if that makes it even more complicated

04-06-12, 17:41
On Freereg there's a Joseph Bodicoat marriage to Elizabeth Kind at Mountsorrell, Leicestershire on 21 May 1804, if that's any use to you?

04-06-12, 18:02
Family Searchg has a baptism for Amelia Bodicot 11 March 1827 Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottingham to Joseph Bodicot and Elizabeth.

Anstey Nomad
04-06-12, 20:10
Jackie, that household in 1841 just makes it more complicated. However, Bodycotes and Noons together would suggest some sort of relationship. Is that my Joseph though -he would have been about 47 by then.

Lindsay - I think Mountsorrel is a red herring. My Joseph would possibly have been about 10 then. He said he was 19 when he went into the army in 1813.

Wendy -The baptism for Amelia looks right. However, her mother was almost certainly his fancy woman, who seems to share a Christian name with his lawful wife. Whether she was a Noon, a Sibson or what I cannot begin to imagine.


04-06-12, 20:34
He's still alive in 1855 as he is mentioned in the Leicester Journal and the Leicester Mercury in mid June, giving his occupation fwk & Denman St address.

04-06-12, 20:55
Is the Joseph Noon Bodycote who marries in 1851 his illegitimate son - the Joseph who is with him on the 1841 & 1851 census?

And have you eliminated the Joseph Bodycote who dies in Nottingham in 1858?

04-06-12, 21:14
You have probably explained elsewhere, but just how many women do you think he was carrying on with?

There's an Amelia b 1822 in Bengal, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth
There's a Lydia dying 1833, St Margaret's Leicester d/o Joseph & Charlotte

04-06-12, 21:37
So his first marriage was to Elizabeth Beckwith in India, and he had deserted her by 1829?

05-06-12, 08:01
Looking at the old thread on rootschat, would it be possible that it was Charlotte Noon that Joseph took up with, that he started up in Nottinghamshire when he was discharged from the army, but then moved to (or was removed to -I'm not sure of the settlement of soldiers) Leicester.

If Joseph Noon Bodycote were his son, then after whatever fracas went on in June 1855, Joseph senior & Charlotte emigrate to Pennsylvania either to join or be followed by Joseph junior?

If Elizabeth Beckwith couldn't cope with life in England without servants etc she might have proved a very difficult person to live with.

If she died in the workhouse, are there any extant records to explain where and when she was admitted?

The above scenario means one family split. Today it would be a simple case of divorce & a happy second marriage.

05-06-12, 08:13
Another thought. You have Joseph's army record and I'm blowed if I can spot it on FMP. Is it there? (Is it East India company, rather than regular army?)

Is it possible that Joseph son of Edward had a brother Edward who also signed up as a soldier, but went off to the West Indies rather than the East Indies? If you could work out what was stationed in St Lucia when that other Bodycote was baptised, there is a book called the Forlorn Hope (which may now be online) which tells you where the various regiments were over time. You could then look to see whether any Bodycotes could have taken the Kings Shilling in Leicester.

05-06-12, 10:08

I don't have access to the 1860 American census, but Charlotte Bodycote b 1811 England is on the same page & family group as Joseph Bodycote b 1838. Whether he should be aged 32 or 72 is anyone's guess.

05-06-12, 12:27
I notice that Charles is in the same road as his dad in 1851. As he was in Notts in 1841 I assume he got on well with his father.

I presume you know where Charles' family were in 1861? FMP isn't playing ball and I can't recognise them, but Ann's sister was born in Notts in 1857 per 1871 census, even if Charles isn't with them then.

Which Charles is the dyer of Highcross Street? As he is also a frameworkknitter I can't tell, but I notice that he wishes to state that he is not that Charles who was involved in an assault!

05-06-12, 12:56

I don't have access to the 1860 American census, but Charlotte Bodycote b 1811 England is on the same page & family group as Joseph Bodycote b 1838. Whether he should be aged 32 or 72 is anyone's guess.

Its 22 that is actually written on image and he's a Pedlar born England same as Charlotte.

05-06-12, 13:24
Does he show as Charlotte's son, Maggie, or doesn't it say?

There's a Joseph Bodycote on the 1880 & 1900 censuses in Pennsylvania, born England, subsequently married to a Rebecca. His death cert makes him born c June 1829, so about the same time that there's all the fuss about Joseph sen.

05-06-12, 13:36
Hmm 1900 he's a peddler, born Jun 1829, with a daughter Charlotte, wife Rebecca, married 35 yrs. Says he emigrated in 1846.

05-06-12, 13:46
No there isn't relationship given on that census.

05-06-12, 13:52
Thanks, Maggie!

05-06-12, 14:11
There is a Charlotte Bodycott travelling with a Joseph Bodycott on the Philadelphia passenger lists no ages given Joseph profession looks like Framework Knitter.

Charlotte Bodycott
Arrival Date:13 Nov 1855
Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Ship Name: Tonawanda
Port of Arrival: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Last Residence: England
Microfilm Roll Number: M425_78

05-06-12, 14:49
Something happens to this family in 1855. There's a newspaper report in June 1855. charlotte & Joseph emigrate, Charles goes back to Nottingham. Fatal to assume things, but it feels as if the family was exploded by whatever happened.

Anstey Nomad
05-06-12, 15:01
Ooh thanks!

First thing is that there was more than one Joseph Bodycote at any one time and while it sounds like an unusual name, there were lots of them in the adjoining parishes of St Leonard and St Margaret.

Phoenix - interested in the 1855 Journal and Mercury entries. Can you tell me more?

The Joseph Bodycote who dies in Nottingham in 1858 is a child.

I only know about two women in my Joseph's life, his wife Elizabeth Beckwith, who he married in Calcutta in 1820 and Amelia's mother, who was another Elizabeth. There are no records surviving from Leicester Workhouse that will help me, same as there are no settlement or Poor Law records. I would love to find out more about the first Elizabeth, but that seems like a dead end as well.

I had Joseph's army record from the National Archives. He was a regular soldier, H M 17 Regiment of Foot between 1813 and 1824.

Charles' family were in Nottinghamshire in 1861, misindexed. You have to be careful there as well because there are two parallel families and at one point they are living yards from each other!

So, Phoenix, you are suggesting that it all goes pear-shaped in 1855 and Joseph emigrates with Charlotte and Joseph Noon...

Isn't it more likely that the Joseph who emigrates to the USA and who is apparently born in 1829, is the second child of my Joseph and the second Elizabeth?

I'm going to have to go and lie down now.


05-06-12, 15:19
I had begun to realise that there were a lot of people using a very small number of names! Charles Bodycote of Highcross Street is a complete red herring because his family conveniently use Harcot as a middle name.

If Amelia is born 1824, what's to prevent her being the daughter of Elizabeth Beckwith? Do you have a bastardy bond or something?

If you register with the British Newspaper site you get 15 free credits, which lets you look at ONE newspaper. So you could look at one of the entries, to see whether it gives you any more info.

Anstey Nomad
05-06-12, 15:22
St: Margaret’s Parish Church.
Entry No.115, MAY 19, 1851, after Banns
Joseph Noon Bodycote, 22, Bachelor. Fwk, Of Denman St,

Harriet Carter, 20, Spinster Of Russell St,
Daughter. Of William Carter, Fwk
Wits: Joseph Bodycote, Elizabeth Carter

Is this irrefutable evidence of anything?


05-06-12, 15:34
Well, it suggests that the Joseph living with YOUR Joseph is probably his son, and if he travelled to the States with a Charlotte Bodycote b 1811, she is probably the Charlotte Noon on the censuses (whatever other kinship relationship she might have had with YOUR Joseph)

Do you have a baptism for a Joseph Noon b circa Jun 1829? He does sound like the child Joseph's fancy woman was pregnant with (if I've got my dates right, lol!) in that 1829 newspaper report.

05-06-12, 16:10
Doing a search on Denman Street, it may be sale of land in 1855 and he is the tenant.

05-06-12, 17:14
On the Leicester Baptisms, Joseph Boddicote, son of Hannah baptised 10/2/1775, Leicester St Martins and Joseph Bodicoat son of Edward and Elizabeth bap 23 Apr 1799 Leicester St Margarets are the only 2 Josephs I could see. The second one was also baptised on the same day at Leicester St Leonards, under the name Bodicote.

There are 16 variations of the name Bodicote on the disc!

If your Joseph was 54 in 1851 that would have made his dob approx 1797 - maybe not baptised till he was about 2?


Anstey Nomad
05-06-12, 22:21
Phoenix - Amelia was born in Mansfield in 1827 (one of the first posts on this thread I think) I had assumed she was the first child mentioned in the Chronicle article.

Only 16 variations Crawfie - must have been a good day.

So potentially my Joseph could be either of those two, although the St Leonard's, St Margaret's one is more likely, assuming that (a) he was not baptised as an infant and (b) this lawless family did actually get him baptised!


06-06-12, 07:55
Yes I realised as soon as I had posted that it was 1827.

Don't you just hate it when there is so much information, and then not enough at the critical period!

I would have thought it more likely that they moved as a family to Leicester and then split up. Avenging wives can follow husbands round the country, but are equally likely to stay put where they land.

Anstey Nomad
22-12-13, 14:13
Resurrecting this thread because I have now looked at the newspaper entries in the Leicester Journal and the Leicester Mercury in June 1855 that Phoenix referred to above.

I'd got myself all worked up to something having caused this family to implode.

When it comes to it, Joseph Bodycote, FWK of Denman Street, Leicester was granted a loan of £50 by the Sir Thomas White's Charity "subject to enquiry"

So, a loan in principle. Is this my Joseph Bodycote, or is it Joseph Noon Bodycote who may or may not be his son. Did he get it? Did he use this to fund emigration?

Who knows? I'm not sure I do.

Mary from Italy
22-12-13, 20:55
Why don't you e-mail Leics Record Office to ask if they have any records of the beneficiaries of Sir Thomas White's Charity?

Mary from Italy
22-12-13, 20:58
Fancy that, it still exists. I wonder if they have any archives?


Mary from Italy
22-12-13, 21:28
Sorry, ignore that last message; I've just looked at the newspaper articles, and you've got the wrong charity. Joseph's loan came from Parker and Heyrick's charity, not Sir Thomas White's.

Anstey Nomad
23-12-13, 09:41
Oh, right. That helps. Every morning when I go to work, I go past a statue of Sir Thomas White - I was wondering whether I should feel guilty. I wouldn't put it past this lot to get the loan and clear off without paying!

Thanks for your help. I feel I can face him now!

25-12-13, 09:04
I haven't read this thread back and the way my brain is at the moment (full of way too much sugar...lol) it wouldn't sink in anyway...

But, I did find this....which may be completely useless


Anstey Nomad
26-12-13, 16:57
This looks like a suitable Boxing Day diversion. These are the Warwickshire Bodycotes, whereas mine are Leicester as far back as you like.

Given that Bodicote itself is in Oxfordshire, about 2 miles south of Banbury, and that you don't get saddled with the name of your home place until you are away from it, it's not surprising that they are over the county line in Warwickshire as well.

I have to feed the Beast, but will try to have a look at these later.