View Full Version : Merry! Yoo hoo!

Olde Crone
02-06-12, 20:39
I'm posting this here rather than pm-ing you in case you require the services of a GR member.

Do you have an interest in Frederick James Powell Horwell? If so, a thread started by you on GR in 2006 has just been answered with news of Fred.


02-06-12, 21:03
I'm a member....only through sheer laziness...lol. Happy to contact someone for you Merry.

Margaret in Burton
02-06-12, 21:35
Just looked at that thread on GR and surely the original poster was Sarah Lozano (Lozaras) not Merry

Olde Crone
02-06-12, 22:18
Oh dur, what an idiot I am, sorry Merry - and sorry Lozaras!


04-06-12, 16:12
lol!! I was just thinking I'd never heard of Fred!

Thanks anyway, OC!!

10-06-12, 17:32
ooooo - I'll go and have a peep! I'm not a member of GR now though...

10-06-12, 17:36
I've just been there but I'm a free member and have no idea where that posting was... so, yes.... help please :)

10-06-12, 17:50
Try this link, Sarah


Olde Crone
10-06-12, 19:24
Oh, Lozaras, I'm so sorry, blame encroaching senility (mine) - for some reason (known only to myself and now forgotten) I assumd you had seen this thread and connected with the GR thread in question.

I hope it's a useful lead after all my incompetent faffing about.


10-06-12, 19:30
Thanks Merry & OC,

Unfortunately it's someone that I have already been in contact with, so no new info :(

Olde Crone
10-06-12, 20:20
Oh, blither!

I've just had one of those myself, she was all thrilled to find me but I had to tell her that we had already corresponded and what I know I mostly got from her in the first place.