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Gert in Oz
02-06-12, 06:55
If someone can spare a few minutes please

Could someone put Daniel Malbon (no date-no place)into the new Family Search site, go down to submitted trees on next page and pick the one with parents Joseph Malbon and Elizabeth Stubbs (its the top one).

Normally i wouldn`t look at these trees, but for some reason i did this time, maybe because i had just broken through a brick wall.. see

These Pedigree resourse files go back through several generations, all with notes/wills like this, ending with a Thomas Malbon born abt 1629 (Feltmaker and Alderman), whose also includes information on the Feltmaker/hat trade, theres even a petition to the Dean of York for a Chappell and Chappell Yard at Congleton in 1686, so they didn`t have to carry the dead to Astbury, all interesting reading.

What i`m asking is do you think this research is genuine (does seem well sourced), i have checked a few dates and they seem correct or am i dreaming.

02-06-12, 07:41
It looks well sourced and you could try looking for various entries etc to see if they are authentic. If the stuff checks out, the next problem is whether they have chosen the right entries etc!

I just tried to find anything recent regarding the submitter, but only turned up a message on Ancestry from 2001 asking if anyone knew his email address. No replies to that!!

Gert in Oz
02-06-12, 08:15
Thanks for looking Merry, i have checked baptism and marriage dates back 3 generations and they seem to be right, Still have more to do though.

02-06-12, 08:27
I found an email addy for him, but it's 12 years old!

Having said that, I still have the same one after all that time, but I guess that's unusual.

Found an address with the email addy in Swindon, Wilts. Will pm you.

Gert in Oz
02-06-12, 08:42
Thanks Merry, have PMed you back.