View Full Version : Lt H Armstrong 475617 QARANC

26-05-12, 12:13
Does anyone know or have infor info on the above? I have a trunk belonging to him/her and would like it to go to one of the family. It was bought in Suffolk.

26-05-12, 12:41
I've sent you a personal message.

26-05-12, 14:29
It's the Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps and so Lt Armstrong is probably a woman and a Nurse/Staff Nurse/Sister - not sure what their ranks equivalent are.

Friend of mine is a member of the ex Services QARANC so there's probably a branch not too far away if Merry hasn't already pointed you in the right direction. Chances are that if she stayed in then she may not have married until much later in life so probably didn't have children.

26-05-12, 14:49
Julie, I found an entry in the London Gazette regarding H Armstrong with the service number which gave a married surname too, but I have been unable to establish whether the person is now dec'd, whic is why I've not posted it here yet.

26-05-12, 16:23
I had a 2g-aunt who was in the QARANC in WWI, and who never married - which was why most of the stuff from that side of the family was passed on to her younger sister, my great-grandmother. From her it was passed to my grandmother, and we found it all in a cupboard when we were clearing out her flat ready to sell!

27-05-12, 10:05
That's good Merry - hope you can find out if she's still alive.

I went to see a lady few years back and she wanted to show me her medal but it had gone missing from her drawer in a private nursing home!!!! No idea when it happened but it was such a shame.

I lent my local school my service suitcase and various other bits of uniform etc but the teacher had an accident and was off school for a long time during which time it went missing along with its contents never to be seen again. So if my case ever resurfaced I'd love to have it back.