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25-05-12, 11:52
Nothing to add to BK6 from this thread because I now have the correct will for John Smith

I don't have any Essex ancestors, so have had little contact with the SEAX online records or anything else to do with the Essex CRO.

A year or so ago I ordered a will for a Hertfordshire ancestor via the Essex CRO (by post I think) as their will was proved through the Archdeconry of Middlesex (Essex and Herts) and appeared in the SEAX index.

Now I want another will from them. Do I have to subscribe to their site and jump through a load of hoops for this one item? I couldn't face reading everything and thought it would be easier to ask here instead! lol

25-05-12, 12:05
I don't think all their wills (if any?) are online yet, so I don't think you would have to do that.

25-05-12, 12:08
Okay, looking at their site, it looks as though the wills that are available online have a picture of a document next to them - you can search without subscribing, so you could search and see whether it's online or not.

If not, then their help page says:
You can order a document to view in the Essex Record Office at Chelsmford by clicking on the Order Item button at the foot of the entry. If you are unable to visit in person we may be able to copy the document. Please contact the Essex Record Office at [email protected] for further details.

25-05-12, 12:13
Ah thanks. There's no picture of a document, but there is the little order button, so I will contact them via email to see what they can do!

You will be pleased to know this 1768 will (testator John Smith) might be for the father of my 4xg John Smith and grandfather of the dreaded James!! :D

*crosses everything*

25-05-12, 12:35
Let's hope so.

25-05-12, 15:16
Order posted!

01-06-12, 11:55
Bother, that's not my ancestor!

At least I know it isn't - he names a married daughter and her son, so I was able to establish that the testator was having his children around 1710, whereas the person I was hoping he might be was having children around the 1730/40s.

So.....this probably means I am not going to get any further back than John Smith 1744-1829, with likely, but unproven parents, John and Ann Smith nee Bray.

The will from the Essex RO was only £2.80 which I thought was very reasonable.

02-06-12, 14:12
How frustrating Merry, but at least you haven't had to fork out a huge amount to eliminate this chap.

02-06-12, 16:02
Yes, true.

If the name wasn't Smith I might be able to work out if he was a cousin or whatever, but I'm not holding my breath! lol