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23-05-12, 09:27
Hi I am looking for the birth record for Edith Jones for my cousin, Edith was also my Great Aunt,

My cousin has been looking for her record for over a year without success,
Her parents were Edward Owen Jones & Evelyn Augusta (nee Brotherton) b.1906/1907, think she was born in Llanasa or Whitford. she had quite a few siblings, think there was more than what I have listed, but can't remember their names

Herbert Alexander,
James Owen,
Agnes Francis,
William Helsby,
Edward Brotherton Jones,
Walter Bowen Jones,
Bertram Harrison,
Percival Brotherton Jones,


23-05-12, 09:57
On the 1911 census she is age 5 born Llanasa, Flint. The registration district for Llanasa was Holywell, so there are these possible birth registrations on FreeBMD:

Births Jun 1905 Jones Edith Holywell 11b 201
Births Sep 1905 Jones Edith Holywell 11b 188
Births Sep 1905 Jones Edith Wynne Holywell 11b 218

Has your cousin already ordered any of these and ruled them out?

Do you know what day of the year her birthday was on? Or if not, do you know who she married (if she did get married) and when she died? We might be able to get her date of birth from her death registration.

23-05-12, 10:08
Oh, just realised it could also be on North Wales BMD which shows the sub-districts, and they have an Edith Jones birth listed for 1905 in the Whitford sub-district, which was the correct one for Llanasa. So you might be best to order the birth certificate from them:

North Wales Birth indexes for the years: 1905
Surname Forename(s) Sub-District Registers At Reference
JONES Edith Whitford Flintshire (Mold) WHIT/29/22

If you go onto the North Wales BMD site:

click on "Births" - "Search the Birth Indexes" and search for Edith Jones in 1905 quite a few results will come up, including the one I have copied above (it will be very near the bottom of the list). Click on the reference number for that entry and it will come up with a page where you have to click on the reference number again, and then it gives you a form to print out to order the certificate as online ordering is not available for this one. It will cost £10 so a little bit more expensive than if you order it from the GRO.

Whichever you order it from, the GRO or North Wales BMD, you should make sure to fill in the parents' names, so that they don't send you the wrong certificate.

23-05-12, 10:13
I have the birth date for edith as 5th august 1907, married William Jack Lucas, 1928 on boxing day, died 7th Feb 1984 at the Fairmile hospital Wallingford, Oxfordshire.


23-05-12, 10:15
The year of birth what my cousin gave me. but my Aunt on her tree has her down as being born in 1906

23-05-12, 10:17
She was probably born on 5th August 1905 then, as her age on the 1911 census is 5. (She probably knocked a couple of years off her age at some point later in life, not uncommon.) In which case it would be this entry if you order from the GRO:

Births Sep 1905 Jones Edith Holywell 11b 188

(I saw the Edith Wynne Jones one on North Wales BMD and it was the wrong sub-district, so we can rule that one out.)

23-05-12, 10:24
Brilliant, thanks again Kiterunner, this site is excellent.

09-06-12, 07:29
Thankyou Kiterunner, my cousin now has his Grandmother's birth cert. Thanks once again..