View Full Version : Wills help please.

22-05-12, 07:59
I have downloaded the forms to apply for wills.
Can anyone tell me what to put in the bit where it says "Grant type"

Are the copies of Grant of Probate/Letters of administration included in the price of the will.



22-05-12, 08:36
Grant Type means Probate or Administration. Yes, the Grant of Probate / Letters of Administration are included in the price, but I think there is a box you have to tick to say you want them.

Margaret in Burton
22-05-12, 08:40
I always tick both boxes, it's all included in the price.

22-05-12, 15:11
Thank you.

Uncle John
22-05-12, 20:45
The one I got recently for OH's many-times great grandfather was an Administration with Will. The Will had not been witnessed properly but the Probate Office decided the Admon in the same terms as the will.