View Full Version : Whooping Cough in the 19th Century

21-05-12, 16:41
I've also received some death certificates today - two of my great-grandfather's little sisters died of whooping cough and bronchitis in April / May 1884. I assume the bronchitis was caused by the whooping cough. Their father died the following year, in June 1885, cause of death Haemoptysis 12 months. I've looked this up, and it means "coughing up blood". Is it likely that he caught whooping cough at the same time as his daughters and that that could have caused his condition?

21-05-12, 17:02
I would have thought that was a symptom of TB.

21-05-12, 17:53
Oh, I just thought - he was a part-time firefighter; I wonder if his lungs could have been damaged because of that?

21-05-12, 17:58
I think haemoptysis can be associated with a lot of different conditions.