View Full Version : Police staff in Victoria in 1900s

18-05-12, 06:18
Does any one know how to find a family member who was in the police force at least in 1900 in Victoria, Australia?

The family member is not THAT close, but I'd be interested to find anything out about him.

18-05-12, 07:10
Ancestry has Electoral Rolls, which give occupation - for Victoria from early 1900s to 1980. If you don't have a sub, I can have a look for you.

What about any newspaper reports about cases he was involved in on TROVE ?


18-05-12, 10:53
Marquette - he wasn't involved in any case that I know of - I saw a death notice for his wife Amelia on Trove, and it said 'husband Police Constable Clarence Joseph. They were from South Wharf, Melb "...the beloved wife of Clarence Joseph, police constable, South Wharf,..." (Death notice The Age May 6 1902)

I just thought I'd could look up his career like you do with WWI & II etc.

I don't have ancestry though. The date I previously gave you wasn't correct - it was 1902, though he may well have been in the force at that time.

Mary from Italy
18-05-12, 12:33
Might be worth looking at Police Gazettes. I think there are some on the Australian FMP; otherwise you could try the Vic State Archives.

18-05-12, 21:52
Thanks Mary - I think from memory you have to buy a CD for the Police Gazette - but I'll certainly look up Australian FMP and the Vic Archives.

I just thought there might be a record of his career in the Police Force, but if I can't find anything, it doesn't really matter.