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16-05-12, 22:44
Would someone with an Ancestry sub have a quick look at the entry for William Thomas Andrews d Surrey 1938, please?

He's the right age to be the husband of Frances Horne and is dying in the right place, but I don't know about that middle name!

I can't remember how much detail there is in the later entries, but I'm interested in the address and the executors.

Many thanks!

Margaret in Burton
16-05-12, 22:57
He was of 14 Meadvale Rd East Croydon

John Henry Thomas and Harry Veysey (Tailors)

He actually died at 76 Eridge Rd Croydon

Margaret in Burton
16-05-12, 22:58
died 20 Sept 1938 and left £670 1s

16-05-12, 23:16
Ooh, thank you, Margaret! I must look him up on the electoral rolls, but he doesn't sound like my man.

76 Eridge Road was Croydon Union Infirmary. We also have an Edridge Road, and I think you may have solved a puzzle for me. I was chatting to someone last night who couldn't understand why someone had died somewhere other than they had lived. I think she has muddled the two roads!

Margaret in Burton
17-05-12, 14:53
pleased to help