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anne fraser
12-05-12, 20:13
I have this family in 1881 http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1881&h=18822923&ti=5538&indiv=try&gss=pt&ssrc=pt_t218907_p-2107903016_kpidz0q3d-2107903016z0q26pgz0q3d32768z0q26pgPLz0q3dpid
then I lose them. John Wilton married Eleanor Brazier who became Eleanor Wilton born Wilton Wiltshire.Their son Frederick remained in Bitton and married Virtue Bush and I think Caroline died young but ancestry are suggesting a death for Albert in 1932 in Australia but I don't have a premium sub to see the details. Any help appreciated. I like the occupation of the younger boys.

12-05-12, 20:55
Yes, that is your Albert, died 1931 Victoria age 64, son of John Wilton and Eleanor Brazier.

12-05-12, 21:08
There is an Albert Wilton on the electoral roll in Victoria from 1909, he is a messenger and there is Emily Wilton at the same address. He is there until 1924 and has gone by the next entry for Victoria which is 1931.

In the same road in 1924 but at a different address is an Eleanor Gladys Wilton.

anne fraser
12-05-12, 21:10
thanks. My father used to say none of his family ever went anywhere.

12-05-12, 21:15
There is another Australian death of Dorothy May Wilton, died Victoria 1933 age 27, daughter of Albert Wilton and Emily Pixton.

Albert Wilton married Emily Pixton in Victoria in 1899. She appears to have been born in England and died in Victoria 1951 age 82. Her parents were John Pixton and Nancy Williams.

anne fraser
13-05-12, 09:21
that is interesting. thanks Kiwi. I have just found a tree for this family on Ancestry. They give four children John Albert, 1900, Eleanor Gladys 1902, Dorothy May 1905, Robert Macdonald 1907. all born Victoria. It also gives Emily's birth place as Chester.