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Olde Crone
11-05-12, 20:31
Can anyone see my Mark Green, wheelwright, born c 1838 Gawsworth Cheshire.

I have him in 41,51 and 71, but not in 61 for some reason.



11-05-12, 20:36


Olde Crone
11-05-12, 20:42
Thanks Merry - unfortunately I no longer have a sub to Ancestry, so I can't view the record.

I've just found an ancient envelope on the back of which I have written "Mark Green rang the changes Gawsworth St James, 16 full peals 1870" which has prompted me to have another look at him and I realised I don't have him in 61.


Tom Tom
11-05-12, 21:02
Living at Deans Cottage Gawsworth, Cheshire

Mark Green Head Married 22 Wheelwright born Gawsworth, Cheshire
Hannah Green Wife Married 26 Wheelwright's wife born Somerford, Cheshire
Esther E Green Dau --- 2 --- born Gawsworth, Cheshire
George Green Son --- 1 --- born Gawsworth, Cheshire

Tom Tom
11-05-12, 21:04
Also at Deans Cottage address but a different household (two black lines separating them on the left) is a widow, Ann Potts and her 6 children.

Olde Crone
11-05-12, 21:05
Thanks Tom!

Wonder what happened to Esther and George - Mark died in 1872. Mark's father died in 1878 and left a will but there is no mention of Esther and George.


Tom Tom
11-05-12, 21:10
In 1871 George is "Nephew" in Gawsforth in the house of Samuel Crimes.

Also living there is Hannah Green (sister) married.

Both Samuel and Hannah are born in Congleton.

Can't see Esther in 1871 at the moment.

Tom Tom
11-05-12, 21:12
George is with Hannah (now a Widow) in 1881 in 61 Barton(?) Street Macclesfield.

Hannah is a laundress and George a silk weaver.

Tom Tom
11-05-12, 21:16
1901 George is a Corporal in the Royal Marines.

Married to Emma (age 35) born Silverstone, Northampton.

One son, Samuel G (I think) age 11, born Gosport Hants.

1901, family living in Alverstoke, Hampshire.

Tom Tom
11-05-12, 21:19
Can't see them on ancestry on 1891 or 1911 at first glance. Am logging off now but can have a look again tomorrow.

Olde Crone
11-05-12, 21:24
Oh, thankyou so much, Tom! I know that Mark Green married Hannah Crimes, so that is spot on. I also realise I have muddled up two George Greens, thankyou!


11-05-12, 21:26
This may be Esther:

Deaths Jun 1864

GREEN Esther Elizabeth Macclesfield 8a 92

He birth reg is in the name Crimes as she was born before the marriage, but there are no further Esther Elizabeth entries with that surname.

11-05-12, 21:29
George Green Son --- 10 --- born Gawsworth, Cheshire

George is one rather than 10.

Olde Crone
11-05-12, 21:47
Ah, thanks Merry! I had her pegged as Esther Eleanor Green, registered in 1861 (I know, I know!) because Eleanor is a very popular name in the Green family, whereas Elizabeth isn't!

*Does some more rubbing out*


Tom Tom
12-05-12, 10:16
George is one rather than 10.

Woops, sorry OC... knew I was getting tired.

The other ones are all him though, born c1860.