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Sue from Southend
11-05-12, 13:45
I've Arthur Frederick Moore b1880, with his wife Eliza b1885, and two children imaginatively named Arthur (1907) and Eliza (1909) leaving from Liverpool for Montreal 29 April 1911. I think I can see them arriving on Ancestry.

There is also an entry on the 1911 Canada census in Ontario which might be them - could sks please have look for me? They were all born in Bethnal Green, London.

And to be really cheeky there are two births that a contact has given me both in Ontario, 1911 to Arthur and Eliza - Emmanuel and Florence Louisa that I would love to have checked because this contact is not always very accurate (he reckons that Eliza jnr was born in Ontario) Do Canadian birth indexes at that time give mmn? Eliza's was Morter.

Many thanks in advance

11-05-12, 13:58
If you use the automated genealogy site, you can see 1911 Canada census for free. Once you've found the entry, you can just click on the image and view it sise by side with the transcription.

Sue from Southend
11-05-12, 13:59
Ooh I've never heard of that Phoenix! Will go and have a hunt. Thanks!

Sue from Southend
11-05-12, 14:07
Thanks again Phoenix - it is them in 1911 in Ontario.

Mary from Italy
11-05-12, 14:26
I've found Florence's birth in 1912, and the mmn is correct. Haven't found Emanuel so far.
If you want to PM me your e-mail address, I'll send you the image.

Sue from Southend
11-05-12, 15:06
Thankyou Mary. I have sent you a pm. I always thought Emmanuel was very fancy name for this lot....

Mary from Italy
11-05-12, 15:19
I'm afraid young Arthur was KIA in WW2 (at least I'm guessing this is the son of your couple, as he was from London, Ontario):


Sue from Southend
11-05-12, 15:52
Yes, that was one thing my contact had right. Young Arthur would have been my father's cousin and Dad remembers him visiting the family in London when he was first posted over here in the early 1940's.

11-05-12, 22:34

According to a couple of trees on anestry there was an Emmanuel and a William born to this couple in Ontario

Emmanuel Moore b. 1911 d. 1997
William Moore b. 1914 d. 1979

I haven't found a birth reg for either of them yet.


11-05-12, 22:48
Hello again,

There are a couple of trees with family photos, including two of Emmanuel.


Sue from Southend
12-05-12, 07:15
Thankyou for looking bcbrit! I believe that one of the trees with photos belongs to my contact. I know that he was in touch with the Canadian family some years ago so may have this information and photos from them. I wonder if Emmanuel was registered in a different name?

Oh, and welcome to the boards!!