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Val in Oz
09-05-12, 04:31
My neighbours young daughter has asked if I can help with tracing a little more of her family history. Unfortunately it seems to be in Ireland, and my ancestry sub won't let me into those records.

They have the name of Margerret Dwyer born 1/5/1880 in Kilminock and they would like to know when she came out to Australia, and a little of what her life would have been like in Ireland.

At this point they don't have the name of Margerret's parents so I'm not too sure where they found her birthdate, possibly from a grandparent, or family bible.

This is Grade 6 in primary school. Any help would be much appreciated as I couldn't even find Kilminock on a map, but did find it referred to as in Co.Kilkenny.

Many thanks, I am hoping someone will be able to shed a little light....:)

Durham Lady
09-05-12, 07:16
Val, there's a Margaret Dwyer leaves for Sydney in 1909 she's a Domestic but doesn't say where she's originally from.

Miss Margt DWYER
Departure date:23 July 1909
Port of departure:London
Destination port:Australia
Destination country:Australia

There's also a Margaret M Dwyer age 21 leaves in 1899.

Person:Margaret M DWYER
Departure date:3 February 1899
Port of departure:London
Destination port:Sydney
Destination country:Australia

If you think either could be the correct lady I can send you the shipping manifest.

09-05-12, 07:30
There aren't a lot of Irish records on ancestry, so you're probably not missing anything that could help much. They do have the Irish Civil Registration index but that is available on FamilySearch for free anyway. It's probably easiest to search for her birth registration on there by just searching that particular database on its own:
FamilySearch Irish Civil Reg Indexes (https://www.familysearch.org/search/collection/show#uri=http://www.familysearch.org/searchapi/search/collection/1408347)

If she was born 1st May 1880 then her birth should be registered Apr-Jun 1880 and there are a few Margaret Dwyer births registered in that quarter, but I haven't managed to figure out whether any of them is the right district for Kilminock yet. Google has hardly any references to Kilminock at all but it looks to be in County Kilkenny. I wonder whether it is an alternative spelling of Kilmanagh.

Anyway, I don't suppose you're planning to order a copy of her birth certificate, so the birth registration index probably isn't going to be of much use.

09-05-12, 07:32
I think we need a bit more info to be able to help find the right Margaret Dwyer - do they have her marriage and / or death certificate? Or at least know any details of whom she married and / or when she died, so we can look at the Australian BMD indexes for any info?

Val in Oz
09-05-12, 08:51
Thankyou for the info so far, I will pass it on to her and see if she wants to continue further.

09-05-12, 09:52
Can only find 2 Margaret Dwyers on the 1901 census in Kilkenny.

Do they know if she married in Australia?

Val in Oz
09-05-12, 10:22
I'm sure she did Libby, but let me find out a little more. Probably tomorrow now as the lass next door has gone to bed and I won't see her until after school tomorrow. Thankyou

Val in Oz
10-05-12, 10:02
A little more information to add.

Margerret Dwyer married John Perry

I have checked the marriages on ancestry for the UK and can't find the couple marrying there, so it is more than likely they married in Australia.

Can anyone help further with this extra info please.

10-05-12, 12:07
I think we're going to need another clue, Val - I'm getting nowhere with that! I can't find a marriage on ancestry's Australian Marriage Index.

They may have married in Ireland, and there isn't an automatic spouse search available for Irish marriages yet, but I've looked at all the John Perry marriages that come up from 1895 to 1915 on the Irish GRO Marriage Index on ancestry and viewed the possible spouse list for each one, and none has a Margaret or Margerret Dwyer on the list.

Also I can't find a likely death for her on ancestry's Australian Death Index nor on the Queensland Death Index, nor any children with parents' names John Perry and Margaret / Margerret Dwyer.

If they have any info such as where and / or when she died, or details of any children she had, or even where she lived in Australia, it might help.

Val in Oz
10-05-12, 22:00
Thankyou KR - the lass next door is going to see her grandarents at the weekend so hopefully they may be able to come up with a little more information.