View Full Version : London street name in 1871

Uncle John
07-05-12, 20:17
I'm trying to identify a street name in the 1871 England census.
It's in London / St. Pancras / Kentish Town / District 28.
Unfortunately Ancestry have put up the wrong image for the description of the enumeration district - they've put up a page of the census instead. I've submitted a "wrong image" report.

The street name I can't read is ?illies Street Kentish Town. I've looked on a few pages and the enumerator's handwriting isn't very clear. "My" family is Samuel and Ruth Lidyard at No. 10.

Any ideas please?

07-05-12, 20:27
FMP says Whitfield Street, and it does look quite clear on the image.

07-05-12, 20:28
Skip that - wrong Samuel!

07-05-12, 20:30
Hmm. They say Gillies. I'm not entirely convinced.

07-05-12, 20:33
Try folio 25 p 49. That has a John Green on it, G formed in same way.

07-05-12, 20:37
What's more, it appears to be still there, north of Spring Place.

Uncle John
07-05-12, 20:41
Blimey, Gillies Street still exists. I wondered about it, but having the name Gillies as a surname and first name in my tree (not in that branch) I wonderd if it was wishful thinking. He was a railway worker so it's logical he lived near a station.