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07-05-12, 19:13
The 1911 Census for Victoria, BC, Canada shows:

Adam Edward
Lucy Edward wife
Ernest A Lockyer nephew b 1897 England emigrated 1909
James C Lockyer nephew b 1899 England emigrated 1909

Ernest was the son of William Lockyer and Susan Elizabeth Adams nee Edwards.

I can find Ernest emigrating (all by himself, poor little mite). He sailed on the Empress of Ireland with 1,177 other passengers in 1909.

I can't find James.

William & Susan had the following children:
Edith Mary 1891
William Charles 1893
Ernest Adams 1897
Frederick Osman P 1899, D 1899
Maud Elizabeth 1901

The two girls are with their parents, William is newly married. Susan says she's had five children, one dead.

So who on earth is James?

I do know that Adams wished to "adopt" one of my great aunts. My great grandmother would not let her go, saying she would be no more than a skivvy.

All I can think is that William & Susan had themselves adopted a child who they subsequently sent with Ernest. I certainly cannot find a birth for James Lockyer or an emigration that fits.

Ideas, anyone?

07-05-12, 19:18
Maybe his surname has been wrongly copied from Ernest's when it should be something completely different?

07-05-12, 20:20
Oh heck. I can account for all of Adams's rellies. Lucy is another matter!

Though Lucy is born in Canada, so that seems unlikely.

07-05-12, 21:51
Or could he be a Lockyer cousin of Ernest's but not actually related by blood to either Adam or Lucy?

07-05-12, 22:52
They all seem to be called William, Charles or Frederick.

I can find Ernest's attestation papers, but nothing for James.

Lucy died, and Ernest, and Adams then married Ernest's widow. Although there was no blood relationship, the family was scandalised by him "marrying his niece".

I suspect that James was some convenient waif. I know that the family of fifty years ago would be prepared to believe all sorts of things of Adams, amongst which calling a stranger a nephew would be minor.

09-05-12, 03:06
My OH's great grandfather scandalised the family by running off and marrying his wife's niece, after the wife died. Now all 3 are buried in with the father/grandfather of the wives in a family plot. I always have a giggle to myself thinking it must be rather uncomfortable in that grave.

Nothing wrong with it really as there isn't a blood relationship.