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Uncle John
06-05-12, 20:30
Trying to find Elizabeth FAIRBROTHER (born 1840 Westerleigh, Glos.). Genes Reunited gives her 1911 location as Keynsham Somerset but I'm unable to locate her on Ancestry. I've been through the summary books page by page (all except the Workhouse, where I wouldn't expect to find her).

Please could sks find her and give me the ED and Schedule refs. so I can look her up direct. It doesn't look as if Ancestry has indexed that part of the 1911 census and she may not be the head of household. I'm not expecting to find any other family members with her.

06-05-12, 20:35
This is her, John

RG number:
RG14 Piece:
14758 Reference:
RG14PN14758 RG78PN896 RD317 SD2 ED8 SN63

06-05-12, 20:43


Uncle John
06-05-12, 21:05
Thanks Asa. What is the Parish name for Sub-District 2 please? Keynsham parish is sub-district 3 and Ancestry won't let me select the sub-district by number. I've had a fish around on the map for likely parishes but haven't hit the correct one.

Uncle John
06-05-12, 21:08
Cross-posted with Merry. Thank you for the link. She's with her daughter and son-in law, which makes sense. So I've (well you've) found them as well, which is a bonus.