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06-05-12, 17:53
I am trying to search some imformation on this person her name is name deleted Born as name deleted She apparently Lives in Romsey Hampshire and is approx 80 years old,She was married to Federico Sanz whom has passed away now,and of spanish Nationality Can you please confirm this..She had a son details deleted.. I need to know if she still lives in Romsey Hampshire uk,her date of birth and confirmation of her maiden name... I would also like to know if she was married more than once...

Fingers crossed someone can help me ....
Thanks in advance for any help...

Please pm paula if you wish to know the names I have deleted. Thanks.

06-05-12, 18:43
Hi paula,

Welcome to the forum.

I'm so sorry, but I'm going to have to edit your initial post as we have a policy on this site of not naming living people unless their permission has been sought and granted. If anyone wishes to help you in your quest they can send you a personal message (which is private) and you can let them have the information they need.

06-05-12, 19:11
Hi.. Sorry didn't realise,but as you said please msg me if you can help... also the sons name you have deleted he has passed away also...

06-05-12, 19:14
also the sons name you have deleted he has passed away also...

Ah OK. The original post stated the son's name was the same as his father.

Paula, you have't told us if you know whether the father and son died in this country? I have not found anything up to 2005. Do you know where they died or in which country the parents might have been married?

06-05-12, 19:44
The women I am talking about apparently still lives in Romsey,but her husband was from Spain so maybe he or his death was in that country as was the son,as I know the sons daughter lives in Spain now...

06-05-12, 19:54
Hmmm.....well that might make things tricky as generally there are very few online records for Spain.

If she is on the electoral roll then you might find her via 192.com. Also check the phone directories.

Is it possible the lady was not born in the UK either?

06-05-12, 20:12
Merry I have just sent you a private MSG..

06-05-12, 20:22
And I have replied!