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05-05-12, 13:54
Is there a site online with marriage indexes for Tasmania?

Edit: or even Births and Deaths too?

Mary from Italy
05-05-12, 15:15
There are some in the Australian BMDs on Ancestry, and some here, but I don't think either of them are complete:


05-05-12, 23:10
On Mary's link is another link to Colonial Tasmania Family Links. It is not necessarily proven info but it can be useful and link people together, giving you something to go on.

I've not had a lot to do with Tassie and I can't remember what I did, or used, the one time I looked.

06-05-12, 02:47
Each Australian state is independent in the matter of BMDs and their privacy laws. Most states have a 100 year limit for release of birth indexes, but deaths and marriages vary.
The Tasmania Pioneer families database only really covers the 19th century, and I think ancestry, except for the Electoral Rolls, covers the same.

I have traced many of my Tasmanian branches through the National Library's TROVE digitising of the newspapers including birth and marriage announcements, funerals and death notices - up to 1954 so it covers quite a bit more than the official indexes. You can limit by decade, year, newspaper etc and I use it more than the official indexes for the early 20th century in every state.



06-05-12, 08:17
Thank you everyone.

I shall have a look at these sites.

Edit: I just entered my Family's surname into the Trove site that I am interested in and loads of hits already, mainly I think because they became quite prominent not least because they were a family of 11 who emigrated in 1854-55.